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10 Simple Ways To Make A Lady Falls For You.

Ladies may seem very complicated to deal with if one does not know the correct approaches to follow.

You don’t need to workup yourself too much to get a lady fall for you. You just need to know these 10 Simple Ways To Make A Lady Falls For You.

10 Simple Ways To Make A Lady Fall For You - Africature

Make Your First Impression Count

DO NOT fumble. The fact that most guys act nervously on the very first date itself kills the entire essence of the purpose. There can be nothing worse than not having to say anything to each other the first time you come across a woman. Act confident and don’t say anything stupid to show that you’re braving a storm inside your head. Let her take cues, guess answers to your questions and call it a night leaving her wanting to know more.

Be A Challenge

Instead of┬ádoing the hard work, create situations where she has do the chasing instead. Don’t be the desperate, needy, and always-eager-to-please guy. Come across as a powerful guy, who has a lot going on his life and wouldn’t go after a woman. Instead, build the mystery factor and draw them towards you.

Ask The Right Questions

You are doomed forever if your opening statement is “Do you have a boyfriend?”. Period. Women generally think of us with a one-track mind, and this is your chance to prove them wrong. Never get into silly questions or details. Instead, ask her what’s her equation with pets. Or what’s her favourite genre of music and maybe you can play her favourite song once she agrees.

Don’t Linger

Too much of anything is bad. And trust us, women don’t like men hovering around them all the time and “baby’-ing them. Give them the chance to yearn for you. Stay close, but stay away. Let them come after you when you make yourself scarce. In other words, use absence to make her heart grow fonder.

Pay Attention To Small Details

Buying her a bouquet of roses everyday or dropping obvious compliments aren’t going to earn you any brownie points. Women are suckers for details. Tell her how her dress reminded you of your favourite love story writer, or drop her a text about how she’s in your thoughts even when you are not around. She will definitely come back for more of those.

Know Where To Draw The Line

You like her, she likes you back. Next thing to do? You ask her out on a date! But don’t keep doing it again and again. Give her the chance to miss you. If she asks you out for dinner one night, play around a bit. Tell her you are not sure, you might have to check. Of course, don’t keep refusing her every time; else she might lose interest in you. Figure out the real way and you could be the real boss!

Get To Know Her Better

In an interview, the balance strikes when both parties have doubts and both their doubts are clarified. Do not go on blurting out everything about yourself without asking her a single thing. Find out what her likes and dislikes are, and whether she fits the bill too or not. It’s crucial to do so, as this gives women an assurance that you are equally interested to take matters forward. Add a pinch of humour to the questions and you are on the right path, my friend!

Know The Difference Between ‘Cocky’ And ‘Funny’

If you can make a woman laugh, she will be yours. And we don’t doubt this fact one bit. But there’s a huge difference between being funny and being cocky. Don’t ever try to demean her (especially in front of others by trying to prove how sarcastic you can be), or she will never be yours. Make her laugh with good humour and that will keep her thinking more about you.

Hold On To Your Cards

Transparency is good. But mystery is better. At least when it comes to wooing women. Don’t be an open book. Build some suspense and create some mystery. These are foolproof ways of creating attraction, an attraction so strong, that she can’t resist chasing you.

Stop Chasing

There are only a few ways that you can be different. Don’t go chasing her like any other guy out there. Let her take the first step, for a change. Use the above tips and make sure you are not the one standing outside her balcony every night like Romeo. It’s time for some role reversal, bro!