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Okada man returns missing N7,000,000 in Delta state

An okada man in Oghara, Delta state returned a bag containing 7,000,000 naira of a woman he carried to the market.

According to a Facebook user who shared the story, the okada man noticed that the woman dropped something when she was entering the market.

As a good citizen, the man picked up the bag and looked for the woman in the market and meanwhile the woman was already looking for the bag.

Na thing of joy today for oghareki as okada man return missing 7000000 to one woman for oghareki

the okada man carry the woman for bike as the woman come down from the bike enter oghareki market the bike man con notice say the something fall from the woman

Me while the woman don notice say her money lost, she don dey cry her eyes out for the market nai the okada man find her go the market con hand over the money to the woman

Na thing joy for the market since
people nor actually believe say person like the okada man still dey exist for this kind life wey nor balance so.