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16 years girl poisoned by stepmom for winning a scholarship to study in UK after scoring 9 A’s in WAEC

Read this story of the 16 years girl who scored 9 A’s in WAEC poisoned by stepmom after winning scholarship to study in the UK. Chidera from Amakpoke Umuaku Isuochi in Umunneochi LGA Abia state poisoned by her wicked and jealous stepmom. The wolrd is wicked.

The little girl shown dead in the picture below is one amongst many who have fallen victim in the hands of their step-mother, just because of wickedness and jealousy. One of the most risky thing that can happen to a child is to live with the step-mother. I am not saying every step mother in the world is bad, there exist some really good ones but majority are really wicked; especially when the step child is proing to be more successful.

She died in school after eating poison in food given by her step mom earlier in the morning before living for school. The little girl insisted she eat only what the stepmom gave to her before finally giving up the ghost.

Image result for Chidera from Amakpoke Umuaku Isuochi in Umunneochi LGA Abia state

What a wicked world

Little girl 16years who scored 9 A’s in WAEC was poisoned by her step mum after winning a scholarship to study law in UK

DON’T JUST READ AND CRY…take 3 seconds of your time to share this post widely let the world see what a wicked step mother can do 😭😭😭😭😭😭


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