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18 Most Read Robert Mugabe Wisdom Quotes.

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Most Read Robert Mugabe Wisdom Quotes, His Life is a Legacy.

Mugabe has over 2 million quotes made over an entire life, from a teacher to a president and now a former president. Here are Most Read Robert Mugabe Wisdom Quotes

1    No guy is single; you either snatch him from someone or share him with someone. The important thing is to be a major Shareholder. ( Mugabe’s wisdom)

2              A girl left you because you are broke & instead of searching for work, you are searching for another girl. Bro, where did you forget your brain?

Most Read Robert Mugabe Wisdom Quotes

3                 Dating a slim/slender guy is cool, but the problem is when you are lying on his chest his ribs draw adidas lines on your face

4                      With the way some girls love men with cars, you will think they were breastfed with Engine oil.

5                       I can’t believe my parents gave birth to me without my permission. I feel betrayed

  1. My brother don’t marry the packaging…Study the character…There are too many expired products in a well-packed container.
  1. Being ugly is not easy. Sometimes you look into the mirror and end up saying maybe it’s not me
  1. She told me she will be coming to my place at 9 pm, but she came at around 7 pm and caught me with another girl. How can I forgive her for lying to me? She is not trustworthy. 9 pm is 9pm, not at 7 pm.
  1. Using a public toilet without a lock is really annoying, anytime you hear footsteps you have to sing, clear your throat or use your leg to wedge the door for them to know that you are inside
  1. If u want to woo an African Lady on Social Media Don’t Start with ‘Hi, I repeat don’t start with hi, start with “do you have a bank account?” My son, she’ll say “baby am pregnant for you?”

11                 When a short person waves at you, it is microwave.

12               When a bird is alive it eats ants but when a bird dies ants eat it. Time & circumstance can change at a period, try as much as u can never to devalue or hurt anyone in life. You may be powerful today…. but remember time is more powerful than you !!! One tree makes a million matches, but when the time comes, one match is needed to burn a million trees.

  1.  Most Ladies Don’t Answer Video Call after 9 pm Because Their Faces Have Been Restored Back To Factory Settings.
  1.  My sister when you meet your next boyfriend, love him with all your LUNGS.
    Your HEART has suffered a lot…
  1.  A man divorced his wife and after one week, her father died and she inherited $150 billion.
    The man called her and said “Baby am pregnant
  1.  For all those people Who go for H.I.V test monthly… Don’t give up my dear, One day you will see what you looking for
  1. Reunion is when you get up in the morning and tell your wife you are going to work. But you went to meet your neighbor to make love with her. Her husband comes and knocks on the door. You go under the bed. The husband enters and his wife says she wants to go to the market to buy food items. The husband takes advantage of his wife’s absence and calls your wife. Your wife arrives and they make love. Suddenly his wife who had gone to the market came back and knock on the door. You’re still under the bed and unfortunately, your wife rushes to hide under the bed. This is a REUNION . ( Mugabe wisdom)
  1.  Some Men are focused on Opening their own Company; others are focusing on hacking a $10 billion transaction while you are just there guessing your Girlfriend password to read her WhatsApp & Facebook Messages… Brother, is it Fever? Come Let me Touch Your Head. ( Mugabe wisdom)

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