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24 year old Teacher impregnated by her 13 year old student

A 24-year-old teacher, Alexandria Vera, has been accused of having S3x with a 13 year old, eighth grade student.

Vera claims that the pair are in love and that the boys’ parents knew about their relationship and even approved of it. She added that his parents allowed him to sleep over at her apartment on numerous occasions. And that she would drop him off at the bus stop for school the morning afterwards.

Vera said the teen was a student in her English 8th grade class and that the romance started over social media after they met in her summer class.

The middle school teacher explains that the then-13-year-old first contacted her via Instagram, and their relationship grew from there and people seemed to notice. She said he missed a class one day so she sent him a message asking him why he missed class and that was when he asked for her number.

She said one time she went to his house for school and he invited her in and introduced her to his parents as his girlfriend and his parents accepted her.

She said the first time they had S3x was sometime in September of last year when she dropped him of at home and his parents were not at home.