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25 Robert Mugabe Quotes To Widen Your Thinking Capacity

Amongst the best of wisdom quotes are these 25 Robert Mugabe Quotes To Widen Your Thinking Capacity.

Mugabe Wisdom Quotes: His Legacy

Robert Mugabe Wisdom Quotes To Widen Your Thinking Capacity

1. A Man had 3 problems:
a: He was very poor.
b: He has no children with his wife.
c: His Mother is blind.
An Angel appeared to him and tells him he can only make one prayer request, only one! But his wife wants a child, his mother wants to see and he wants to be rich …
Ah, what embarrassment!
After his reflection, he said wisely to the angel:
“I just want my mother to see my children eating in gold plates.”

Immediately all problems were solved. May GOD give you this immense wisdom.

2. A certain guy posted “ladies are like scratch cards use them and throw away” I replied to him “which network is your mum”? From that day I no longer see neither his posts nor comments when I check him on my list he blocked me. Did I do wrong?

3. A man who encourages you to study and work hard is better than a man who buys you expensive wigs to put on your empty head, my sister.

4. The only time a man can truly remember all the girls he has slept with is when he is waiting for his HIV test result.

5. Corruption starts the moment you take the money given to your child by visitors.

6.Even if God decides to call us to heaven by phone……….. Some African girls will still be like…… “how did you get my number?

7. Real men always give half of their salaries to their woman but a real woman always rejects the money.

8. When people throw stones at you, Don’t throw it back at them, instead gather it and build an empire.

9. Ugly guys rarely change their profile pictures because they know how hard they struggled to look handsome in their previous pictures.

10.When a white man creates a phone and you video chat with your brother you call it technology but when your Grandmother in the village uses a mirror to see you while you are hundreds of kilometers away you call it witchcraft. It’s about time we value our own Africa products.

11. Pain is When You Accidentally Give The Visitor The Plate With The Big Piece Of Meat.

12. One day Trumpet will sound, the whole world will go for judgment only Nigeria will not hear because of Generator sound.

Name: Woman
Symbol: Wm
Atomic mass: Light when first found… tends to get heavier with time.

– Boils at any time
– Can freeze at any time
– Melts if treated with love
– Very Bitter if Mishandled

– Very Reactive
– Highly Unstable
– Possesses Strong Affinity towards Gold, Silver, Diamond, Platinum, Credit cards, Debit cards & Cheque books
– Money Reducing Agent

Mostly found in front of the Mirror.
It’s highly flammable when mixed with in-laws.
It has mixed properties when seated with parents.
Very harmful to you if she sees you with an element similar to itself!

Please circulate to all scientists. (Mugabe wisdom)

14. Some people say there’s no difference between COMPLETE and FINISHED, but there is: When you marry the right woman, you are COMPLETE! When you marry the wrong woman you are FINISHED! ….And when your wife catches you with another woman, you are …COMPLETELY FINISHED! And if you marry a wife who likes shopping so much, you are FINISHED COMPLETELY

15.People that were owing Lazarus,.. I wonder how they felt when Jesus woke him up from death.

16. When a bird is alive it eats ants but When a bird dies ants eat it. Time and circumstance can change at a period, try as much as u can never to devalue or hurt anyone in life. You may be powerful today …. but remember time is more powerful than you !!! One tree makes a million matches, but when the time comes, one matches is needed to burn a million trees

17. Dating an illiterate girl is not a problem at all, the problem is when you text her; “Baby, goodnight; sweet dreams. I love you…” Then, she replies to you; “Goodnight my love, may your gentle soul rest in peace”.
My brother, I trust you won’t sleep again

18. Some ladies will be matching purses with clothes but cannot match babies to their real father

19. Yesterday my mother-in-law visited me and my wife but coincidentally, my wife has a feeling for sex and she did not want to whisper to me since I was busy sharing stories with her mother. My wife tricked me by pretending she has a headache and went straight to the bedroom. After some minutes, I followed her leaving her mother in the sitting room. I took some time there, but when I came back I had forgotten to close my zip.
Mother-in-law: How is she feeling now?
Me: She is now feeling better, I have given her paracetamol
Mother-in-law: OK, close the pharmacy…. (Mugabe wisdom)

20.My child…If relationships aren’t working for you… you can try other ‘ships’ like entrepreneurship or internship. (Mugabe wisdom)

21. Call a woman “baby” she will be happy but tell her she is acting like a child when she gets angry… Is baby not a child?

22. There are some sins that can’t be forgiven. How can you use Church Wi-Fi to download porn?

23.Policeman: How did you hit 50 people in a car Accident, Mr. President???
Mugabe: I was driving at about 40kph when I tried to stop I found that I had no brakes…I saw two men walking on the street and a wedding on the other side of the street, who should I hit?
Policeman: Of course 2 men, less damage
Mugabe: That’s what I thought to myself but when I did, I hit only one and the other one ran to the wedding, and so I had to chase him.. (Mugabe wisdom).

24. Anytime you see a girl shaking her buttocks while walking, just know she is going to her guy’s place.
How did I know!!! because it’s written on syrup bottles “shake well before use” (Mugabe wisdom)

25. Having sex with your ex is like revising past papers. It’s highly recommended if you want to improve.
Wisdom will not kill me.

I hope you had a nice read through the 25 Robert Mugabe Wisdom Quotes To Widen Your Thinking Capacity.


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