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28 of Robert Mugabe Wisest Wisdom To The World (Smile)

Robert Mugabe ruled Zimbabwe for 37 years after liberating the then Rhodesia from the white minority rule in 1980. He life has be a remarkable ones with both negative and positive aspects. But his words of wisdom remains his ultimate legacy. Here 28 of Mugabe’s wisdom to make you wiser and entertained.

1.Ladies will complain a guy is broke simply because they guy can’t afford to buy or give her the things that she can’t even afford for herself.

2.You will never hear a lady’s real voice until she is chased by dogs

3.Pastors never perform instant healing in hospitals because hospitals have real sick people not Actors.
Don’t argue with me,argue with your ancestors.

4.Work hard until they can’t hold a family meeting without you.

5.Teacher: Write an essay on “The day I will never forget”
John: … I can never forget the day my mother gave birth to my elder brother and our neighbour sent me to go and give food to my mom and baby in the hospital…
Teacher fainted

6.English teacher will tell me to write a composition about myself
and he will still score me 3/10.
I don’t understand, Does she knows me better than myself?

7.Being Ugly Does Not Mean You Should Stay Indoors.
Please Move Around, People Need To Laugh

8.The reason why rich men have less skills in convincing women is because women always come easy to them….But broke guys have to explain everything even why they use the same organ for sex and urinating.

9.The principle of Love❤ is only one, “Love one another👫”. But if this fails to work out, put the last word in the middle. I tell u it will work out
Thank me later

10.Just finished reading 10 commandments. Not even 1 said we should give these girls money.

11.The best way to punish ur dad is by joining the priest hood so that ur dad can call you father and u will answer him my son God loves you

12.Social media is full of sad people pretending to be happy.

13.Some ladies may sleep with you just to copy your s3x styles then go and teach their boyfriends…. Be Careful!

14.Our young people are running away from Africa while the Chinese and the Europeans are running to Africa.It means we are not equipping our youths with the right skills to see what those coming to Africa are seeing .

15.The distance between Egypt & Israel is only 623km. But Moses and his crew took 40 years to cover the Distance.
That means they were walking about 15km per year. That is just a bit more than a kilometer per month and only 43 meters per Day.

16.Please someone should contact me that Moses . He should explain to us what kind of laziness was that

17.Scientists are still doing a research on how boys wake up at 7:40am & still manage to arrive at school at 7:45am.

18.The Devil tempts men most when they have money. Women are tempted most when they don’t have money.For us to keep the devil away, my brother, if you get money give it to your wife so that while you walk without money, she walks with money and the devil is kept away!

19.To protect your marriage…. You either bath with your wife or with your phone.

20.You will be dating your bae nice nice then one fool will just come & give her a lift in a Range Rover Sport then she starts behaving like an Android Phone that needs Flashing.

21.Father: If I go to UK and your mother goes to USA, where will you go to?
Kid: I will go to USA
Father: So you love your mother more than me?
Kid: No, I love USA more than UK.
Father: Ok, if I go to USA and your mother goes to UK where will you go to?
Kid: I will go to UK
Father: I can now see that you don’t love me (angrily)
Kid; Why the anger? I prefer UK because I have already been to USA.
Father: When did you go to USA
Kid: During the first question.

22.Your parents will tell you no sex before marriage. But if you look at their wedding pictures, you see that you were there. So who is fooling who?

23.If you think women are weak.. Try removing her skirt when she’s wearing a torn underwear.. It will be world war 3 my brother.

24.Imagine Dating someone who Posts your Pics Everyday like you’re a Missing Person.

25.If you wanna end an argument with a woman just say “my mother was right about you”

26.Who invented buying of bread when coming back from far journey?

27.Dear ladies don’t take the front seat of your boyfriend’s car too serious, for many have come and gone.

28.The fact that a BUS driver can STOP to pick you where there’s NO BUS STOP, but the same driver will REFUSE to drop you where there’s NO BUS STOP, prove that people only need you when it’s BENEFICIAL to them.


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