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29 Robert Mugabe Wisdom To Make You Think Wisely

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1.If these ladies can cheat on soldiers, people who carry bombs & grenades.Who do you think you are with your steroid muscles. (think wisely).

2.Before King Ahmed of Ottoman went to war, he locked his wife (the beautiful Queen) in a private room and gave the key to his best friend Mousa and said: “If I’m not back in four days, open the room and she’s yours … ”

He climbed on his horse and gallops off towards the battlefield. Half an hour later, the King noticed a cloud of dust behind him. He stopped and saw his friend galloping very fast towards him.

“What’s wrong ?” Asked the King. Out of breath, his friend Mousa responded: “You gave me the wrong key”


can you imagine

He didn’t even wait for the said 4days before trying the keys

Be careful, “that’s what some friends are for”. Think wisely.

3.I don’t Understand why Vomiting is the only Symptom of Pregnancy in African Movies.

4.My boss thinks I am stupid. He sent me to buy 2kg of sugar yesterday but I came back telling him the ones I saw was 1kg. He shouted at me that I should have bought two of the 1kg sugar to give 2kg. Today he sent me to buy him a size 40 pair of shoes. I went there is no size 40 so I bought two pairs of size 20 to give size 40. He told me to wait outside and I see him writing. I think its a promotion letter.

5.When you chase women you lose money, but when you chase money you never lose women.
Be careful with your salary. Think wisely

6.Never allow your wife to pray silently the idiot may be asking God to kill you so she can marry her boyfriend. Witchcraft is everywhere now.

7.Some ladies are very stupid and childish, they will be like”why are you proposing love to me the same time you’re proposing to other girls?”
My sister when you’re looking for a job you send your Cvs to as many companies as you can because you never know where you will get the job

8.My dear sister if you are in a relationship and he only has time for you at night… You are dating a mosquito.

9.Some of you girls are dating the best boyfriends in the world but you wouldn’t know because you’re comparing him to your friends boyfriend.

10.The shortest conversation in the world is when you are in the toilet and someone open the door!!
You: Ahhh
The Person: Oh

11.These women will Never apologize when they’re wrong,they just sleep naked by your side.My brother you will end up apologizing.

12.I hate to see Girls 18-24 without Kids but their Breasts are Long like Psalm 119!

13.You see those guys who don’t post anything but they are always online.They are busy begging girls to come to their house. Think wisely.

14.A 95 year old man, a 56 year old woman and two 22 years old ladies sitting in the living room watching Cartoon Network for the sake of one 3 year old boy.
Children are abusive I tell you

15.Nobody prays harder like a person who just had unprotected sex

16.Gone are the days when girls cook like their mothers now they drink like their fathers.

17.Its not only about believing in God,it’s also about working hard. Do your best and God will do the rest.

18.When your girlfriend meets a Rich man you say she’s a gold digger ,but when your sister meets a Rich man you say she’s Blessed ,My Brother the thunder that Will Strike you is coming from India. Think wisely.

19.Some African ladies,cannot get tired of dating old men, even if they manage to enter heaven, they would still hang around with father Abraham$Co

20.Guys please pray for your mothers. Only few ladies still want their mother in-law alive.

21.Bride price should be based on breast size after all, watermelon is expensive than orange.
Wisdom will not kill me.

22.Nothing makes a guy happier than when a girl says, “go and lock the door first” You jump like Liverpool’s manager in celebration
And nothing makes a man angrier than after locking the door the woman says “I’m on my period i just want us to talk” my brother you twist your face like Mourinho.

23.Can’t Satan just apologize to God so that we all go back to Garden of Eden and stay there naked?!!

24.Never allow your husband to pray silently, the idiot might be asking God for a girlfriend.

25.Imagine going to hell for small lies like “I miss you too”

26.Some girls mistake love proposals for adoption. When you propose to them its like they become orphans all of a sudden. They expect you to pay for everything from clothing, hair, data to even call and sms credit. To all the men, I pray you never come across such girls in your entire live. Amen?

27.If your woman catches you looking at another woman, turn to her and say “sweetheart I am glad you don’t dress like that”.

28.I need answers to these questions it’s my project work help me out dears I know you are scholars pls.
1.The person that drew the maps of the world where was he standing?
2. The person who made money how much was he paid?
3. The person who started education who taught him?
4 The first person to have a degree who was his teacher?
if you don’t know it, please feel free to ask another person. Good luck

29.If you see the way your gf is busy tellin anoda guy she doesn’t hv a boyfrnd, u’ll know it’s only God who loves you.

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