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32 Mugabe Wisdom Quotes of the month to get you inspired.

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Robert Mugabe Wisdom Quotes is the biggest social media and entertainment legacy of the former president of Zimbabwe Robert Mugabe. It is aimed at keeping people around the world entertained my acquiring some inspiration.




  1. If your dad is still alive you should really thank him for bringing you into this world Because probably your mum wasn’t in the mood that day!

2.No school, No career, No job, No talent just to post pictures on Facebook with the clothes you borrow from your friends every day yet you want Girls to love you for who you are? You know what?

You don’t need Jesus alone… You need Jesus,… John,… Peter and 50 bottles of anointing oil

3. You are shy to remove your sister’s pants from the drying wire when it’s about to rain, But you can remove the pants of someone’s sister, My brother Heaven Knows You’re Mad and your deliverance demands 30 bottles of anointing oil.

4. Respect pregnant women, because it’s not easy walking around with the evidence that you’ve had sex.

5. Do you know why a woman’s “pregnancy” lasts 9 months? Because the word pregnancy is composed of 9 letters…

6. Poor countries have the longest National Anthems because they explain all their problems in it

7.Short people telling themselves the sky is their limit.

8. The real witchcraft is when you see that your Dad has gone to ride his Okada(Motorcycle) as usual and you call your girlfriend to come and visit you. Unfortunately for you, it is your father who is the Okada man that brought her; And to make matters worse your girlfriend calls you to come and pay the transport. My brother your Zodiac sign is an owl.

9. Bad luck is that ugly moment when you are going to church with your wife and a prostitute wave at you from the other side of the road and shouted customer are you not coming today, My brother you are gone

10. These women will never apologize when they’re wrong, they just sleep naked by your side. My brother, you will end up apologizing.

11. My sister if your boyfriend is broke, never compare him to your friends, support his hustle, build him, value him, don’t disrespect him, help him if you can, Appreciate his efforts no matter how little, show him, love, money isn’t the reason why you love him. Every rich man has someone who was there for him when he had nothing and you don’t know what tomorrow may bring. Never underestimated any guy because the dice (🎲 🎲) hasn’t stopped rolling. CAN I GET AMEN

12. Gays are rich because they don’t date girls

13. Some guys will see more of your pictures on Facebook and still WhatsApp you to send them your pictures again what else at all do you want? X-rays?

14. The higher you elevate your woman & treat her well, the less available she makes herself to other men. When you are stingy & treat her bad you make her accessible to anyone she thinks will treat her better.

15. Witchcraft is when you are in class and your dick starts to erect for no reason then the teacher pointed at you to come out an wipe the chalkboard.

16. Yesterday my girlfriend sent me a message the “baby Am not feeling well” and I replied “there is life after death” she blocked me, did I do anything wrong?

17.Shout-Out To All The Ladies Who Are Hustling With Their Legs Closed

18. Two blind men were fighting and refuse to be separated so I shouted “Am supporting the one with a knife” both of them ran away. Wisdom will kill me one day.

19. The most patient customers in the world are those buying condoms. They will always say
“Serve him first I will wait”

20. My mother-in-law visited me and my wife but coincidentally, that day my wife was feeling for sex and she did not want to whisper to me since I was busy sharing stories with her mother. My wife tricked me by pretending she has a headache and went straight to the bedroom. After some minutes, I followed her leaving her mother in the sitting room. I took some time there, but when I came back I had forgotten to close my zip.
Mother-in-law: How is she feeling now?
Me: She is now feeling better, I have given her paracetamol.
Mother-in-law: OK, close the pharmacy…..

  1. He loves sex. He’s a man, So stop pretending that you’re surprised that he is always horny for you, it’s normal. Given a chance, he would do it anytime and anywhere. So you better stop denying him that pussy especially if you gonna make noise about him cheating.
    22. Your man may have a small dick. It’s not about how deep he can go in you. It’s about how deep his love is for you.
    23. You shouldn’t be acting up every time he cums too quick. You should thank God he cumed because that simply means you are too awesome to delay. After all, it’s not about how long he can last in bed. It is about how long the relationship will last?

24. His phone is his. The stuff that goes on there is crazier than you can imagine so leave it alone it’s not yours. And never answer his calls, if they wanted to talk to you, they would’ve called you instead.
25. If he has money he’ll spend it with you. If he’s broke, kneel down and pray for him.
26. Don’t start acting up because his wallet is empty. He came into your life to love you not to bail you out.

27. Always remember that he came to attend your heart affairs, not financial Affairs.

28. The only time parents in Africa are humble is when you are showing them how to use a smartphone, You can send them to get you a glass of water or even close a door

29. A man on his way from work texted his wife…
husband: baby I’m on my way home please am very hungry so prepare some food for me.
thirty minutes no response so he texted again: baby I even forgot to tell u that I have been promoted so my salary has been increased.
wife: really?

husband: no, I just wanted to make sure u got my first text.

30. As a child of God, why do you need condoms protection when having sex?
Isn’t God’s protection enough for you?

31. My people, have you noticed that only in Nigerian movies ghosts look left and right before crossing the road???

32. Nothing feels good like dating a girl who never asks you for money…

Mugabe Wisdom Quotes will always be there for you, for your entertainment and inspiration.

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