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33 Best Mugabe Quotes To Compliment Your Year.

  1. From January to November you cry about your village people and their witchcraft, December you still pay transport to go and meet them. Are You Normal?

2. Late replies mean you are not important

3. My brother if a woman smiles in the middle of an argument, Run, Just run for your life.

4. There is no difference between BAR and BRA👙 once these two are opened men go crazy. (best Mugabe quotes)

5. Rich men treat ladies the same way ladies treat broke men.

6. Your mind is a powerful thing when you fill it with positive thoughts your life will start to change for the better.
Better is better than the Best. ( best Mugabe quotes )

7. The problem with Africa is that the intelligent people are full of doubts while the stupid ones are full of confidence.

Robert Mugabe

8. You always check your man’s phone but won’t check your child’s homework. My sister close your eyes let’s pray for Satan to leave you alone

9. When a girl really loves a guy, she will be shy to ask for money from him and when a guy truly loves a girl, he will never wait for her to ask before doing the necessary things…..A woman who doesn’t ask for anything deserves everything.

10. Another year is passing by, your friends are getting married and you are still there claiming that all men are players.. Keep waiting You will marry the referee.

11. You have been single from January till now and suddenly, less than 2 weeks to Christmas some girl is making your heart skip like you are falling in love… Be wise my brother, the devil wants to mess with your bank account.

12. Don’t fall in love with pictures you see on social media because body odour, mouth odour, and bad character don’t show online.

13.BAE stands for”Bills And Expenses”. Guys did you know?

14.To protect your marriage you either bathe with your wife or with your phone.

15.Dating someone for four years without any sign of marriage is no longer a relationship…it is now a course…
You are simply studying relationship management and analysis….

16.Stop keeping your Ex’s pictures on your cellphones . Your phone is not a Museum.

17.If she rejects you by saying “I don’t date broke guys”. My brother witchcraft is real just go, work hard and fix your broke status. When she comes back , just tell her I only date virgins….Wait and see how she fixes….. ( best mugabe quotes )

18.Have you noticed that girls that use their real names on facebook are naturally beautiful?

19.Married men should be provided with uniforms. The ring is not enough

20.If your girlfriend cheats on you, you need to understand that you lacked something that made her cheat, so instead of leaving her for another girl, find out the error in yourself, apologise to her and be a Better man.

21.Don’t buy your girlfriend weave for Christmas…. My brother, she had the whole year to grow her hair.

22.You will not know how long a night is until you sleep next to a lady who denied you sex

23.Not all girls are looking for love in a relationship. Some are just looking for food & data bundles

25.Some girls really be claiming “HE’S MY WORLD”, But this is your FOURTH “world”in 1 year. Sister wait!Are you building a Solar System?

26.Never say all he wanted was s3x because all you offered is s3x….Did you try giving him money or your father’s land and he refused? I hate nonsense!

27.Nobody walks faster than someone who has been given extra change at the shop.

28.Now I understand why Snooker is a cool game for men.
It teaches us to focus on many holes just using one stick.
And also that one hole can take many balls.

29. Dear ladies, please go to school and work hard or just hustle hard and become someone in life…Marriage is not a career and a man is not a financial breakthrough…
Don’t just bring hips and birth certificates to the table… Money taste good when you work for it

30. Your sugar dad is someone else’s husband****you gave him flowers and he repackaged them and give them to his wife*** his wife did the same and gives them to her sugar boy***her sugar boy is your boyfriend***** your bf finally gives them back to you** you are now holding flowers u bought by yourself saying **these look familiar….in physics its called **circular motion*** in chemical reaction its called***chain reaction*** in church its called **back to sender*** in life its called*** what goes around comes around** ( best mugabe quotes )

31. Not everyone at your workplace is your friend. Do your work, get paid and go home.

32. My sister just because a guy is flirting with you doesn’t mean you’re pretty. When you’re hungry even cabbage is delicious.

33. You cannot give a woman everything she needs, GOD gave them eyebrow, they shave it and draw their own. He gave them nails, they cut it off and fixed their own, He gave them hair, they cover it and fixed their own, he gave them breast, they repackage it to the size and shape they want, GOD also gave them lips, every morning they paint it with different colors of lips sticks………If GOD can’t satisfy them, Then who are u to think you can please them???…… Tell our men not to kill themselves for women. ( best mugabe quotes }

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