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4 Things Women Do That Kill Their Marriage

When we walk to the altar, we promise each other an unending relationship but sometimes as women, we do things that might affect our marriage without actually knowing it and it’s important we discuss this today.

I have got 4 things women do that kill their marriages and I think it’s a must read for every woman out there.


Let’s be honest with ourselves, not putting your spouse first might just be the beginning of the end of your marriage and it’s important we know this. I understand you have kids that need your attention, your friends, your mother and a host of other things also need your attention and also your career. But the truth is, your spouse would feel lonely and unappreciated if he doesn’t come first. Putting your partner first is the key to every happy marriage and you would be amazed how every other thing would fall into place when you put your partner first.


The world is so vain these days and it’s like a competition when you step out as a woman. But a wise woman would understand that it doesn’t matter and she would live within her family’s budget. Don’t spend more than what you and your husband can afford as this would leave your family in great debt. I understand you want some of the designer bags and shoes out there in the market, but the best thing you can do for your husband and family is live within your family’s budget.

Be wise when it comes to finance and avoid constantly complaining about not having enough money to buy those luxury items you crave for. Debts kill marriages fast.


When you constantly decline intimacy with your husband, you are killing your marriage fast. It’s surprising to know some wives use sex as a bargaining tool to get what they want and the truth is using sex as a bargaining tool would hurt your marriage in the long run, and you must avoid the temptation to use sex as a bargaining tool.


Some wives expect their husbands to be a mind-reader and it’s so wrong. Because he is your husband doesn’t make him a mind-reader and you should understand that. If something is wrong, let him know and don’t assume he should know. Ensure you build a very honest relationship with your spouse. Keeping things to yourself and not being open might kill your marriage fast