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40 Robert Mugabe Wisdom Quotes To Complete Your Leisure and Inspiration.

Get yourself entertained while learning from these 40 Robert Mugabe Wisdom Quotes To Complete Your Leisure and Inspiration. Wisdom is for the wise.

Picking out some sense out of these 40 Robert Mugabe Wisdom Quotes To Complete Your Leisure and Inspiration is the best every reader of this piece of work can acquire for his/herself.

Below are the 40 Robert Mugabe Wisdom Quotes To Complete Your Leisure and Inspiration.

1. Nowadays you go to Night-Clubs and you will think it’s P.T.A Meeting, because you’ll see a lot of small Girls accompanied by Old Men. (Mugabe’s wisdom).

Robert Mugabe Wisdom Quotes To Complete Your Leisure

2. My girlfriend celebrated her birthday and asked for a gift that will last for the entire 2018. So I gave her a 2019 Calendar. Now she’s not picking my calls.

3.The prayer of a thief in the Church. A thief said, “Oh God if only You could give me an occasion to steal 100 dollars, I will give You 10 dollars as tithe”. When leaving the church he stole a wallet and he found 90 dollars inside and said: “Oh God! You are mysterious; you cut your 10 dollars already? So I guess the deal is over between us.

4. If you don’t tell your woman she is beautiful, Indian men on Facebook will do it for you.

5. If a single teacher can’t teach all subjects then how could you expect a single student to learn all subjects?

6. Getting Marry to a short girl is not a problem. The problem is when she gets pregnant and starts looking like a swollen Nokia battery. And when she puts on a red dress, she looks like a fire extinguisher.

7. How Do You Expect Me To Vote For The Party That Put Me In This Condition? They Played Me 419 and Said Its Not A Cour.  Now They Want My Vote. Is That Possible?

8. Never be shy to receive Airtime from your Ex, that’s your retirement benefit.

9.After Sex.
White girl: Wow, that was so nice.
African girl: I borrowed the money I used for transport and the owner wants it immediately

10. Dear brother, If you know you can’t use a condom, avoid ugly girls They are very fertile! Touch them once they are pregnant. (Mugabe’s wisdom).

12. Somewhere in Africa, a fool is awake waiting for goodnight message from a lady who is currently singing songs of love in another man’s bedroom.

13. Whatever you do, make sure you plan your future more than you plan your weekends.

14. Slim ladies are beautiful, the problem comes when she is pregnant, and she looks like a python that has swallowed a goat. (Mugabe’s wisdom).

15. Nothing makes a girl happier than when being called by the in-laws ” OUR WIFE “she can even mop the radio, wash the trees not forgetting to iron the car…

16. African patients can confuse the doctor they are like “I’m having chest pains all over my body.

17. It’s only in Africa you will see a parent removing eye Glasses to hear what you’re saying.

18. It’s easy for your relatives to put money together to bury you but difficult to put money to help you reach your goals!!

19. If babies knew how many adult mouths have sucked the same breast before them, they’d prefer to take Fanta or Coke.

20. I think Facebook is damaging my brain. I saw a very pretty girl on the highway this noon and I shouted “Wow nice pics

21. The reason I don’t eat chocolate is that I have no idea what to do with it when it’s inside my mouth; chew, swallow, suck ah, I don’t know

22. I Miss All My Primary School Teachers Who Forced Me To Sit Between Two Girls As A Punishment………I Wish I Knew!!!

23.No matter how sweet a text message is, it can never be compared to the joy of Mobile Money alert.

24. Be careful with who you trust because even the devil was once an angel

25. The best think about me is that I am a limited edition, because there are no other copies.

26. It’s always fun listening to someone’s lie when you already know the truth.

27. When you do something right no one remembers. But When you do something wrong no one forgets.

28. Thanks to the man who invented bra, he makes fallen soldiers look like new recruits.

29. Life is a dream for the wise, a game for the fool, a comedy for the rich, and a tragedy for the poor. Wisdom will kill me one day.

30. Guys, Save your side chick’s numbers under your main chick’s name. The main will never read her own messages. Wisdom will not kill me.

31. Never sit back and think your woman trusts you….My dear brother, how can women trust men when they don’t trust even their own faces? You see them with a mirror everywhere.

32. Money doesn’t change people; it unlocks the character that was locked by poverty.

33. In Africa, after locking your door with a key you must forcefully try to open it without a key just to be sure it’s locked. It’s in our DNA

34.If your friend is Single and she is very happy just know she is dating your man, my sister.

35. My sister, beauty isn’t about having a pretty face. It’s about having a pretty mind, a pretty heart and a pretty soul.

36. Popcorns are normally fried in the same pot, in the same oil, at the same time and under the same heat conditions, But they do not all pop at the same time, My children never compete with anyone in your life, your time will come.

37. There are two people that are always happy in this world, mad man and a child. Be a mad man and achieve what you want, and be a child to enjoy what you have.

38.I will Name My Daughter “NOT INTERESTED”
So that when BAD GUYS say Hi Babe, I am John
She will say, Hi John, I am Not INTERESTED

39. LIFE IS THE MOST DIFFICULT EXAM,  many people fail because they try to copy others not realizing that everyone has a different question paper.

40. Am tired with this Nigeria country, a porn movie would still end with to God be the Glory

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