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Act 29 SECTION 132 of the new criminal code now permit men to sue ladies that collect transport and refuse to visit

Guys have always been at the fauty end when ever it concerns a relationship issue in court or at the police. Act 29 SECTION 132 of the new criminal code now permit men to sue ladies that collect transport and fail to visit. At least this will help toprotect guys from those ladies who collect transport fare and fails to deliver the good for consumption. So you can sue a lady that refuses to come to your house after sending her transport fare

Popular Nigerian Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO), Opetola Dolapo Badmus has warned young men out there who has fallen guilty to girls who would stylishly collect money (in the name of Transport fare) and refuse coming. According to her Instagram post, she said

“Dear men, If a lady tells you to send her money for transport to come over and you send her the cash and she decides not to visit you, and does not refund the money…

You can refer to act 29 SECTION 132 of the criminal code and file a case of defrauding by false pretence against her. She can be jailed for up to 5 years. Know your rights my brother”

Ladies are advise to be on the alert because things have changing, and now collecting transport from ment without delivering is liable to penalties and may even include imprisonment. Before you collect money from guys be sure that you are ready to give what he needs as compensation or else do not collect money from a guy you don’t like.

The time of playing men for fool is over, and any lady that try such thing again is going to be held accountable by the law according Act 29 SECTION 1232 of the new criminal code.


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