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Advertisement and Sponsored Posts with Wandabiz

Wandabiz offers you a great opportunity to advertise and promote your products and services on the internet.

We have created a number of Ad channels to enable you advertise your products and services to our esteemed readers and fans.

Wandabiz  is a leading Community Blog in Cameroon with a sizable audience in Canada, Nigeria, Kenya, U.K, Ghana, United States, South Africa, and India. We currently have over 1 million monthly unique page-views with an impressive social media presence on Facebook pages; Mugabe Wisdom Legacy,, Robert Mugabe Wisdom. And Facebook groups; Mugabe Wisdom Group, Robert Mugabe Wisdom Group, Mugabe Wisdom Legacy Group

Ad Rates on Wandabiz

There are various advertising opportunities on  Wandabiz. Below is a run down with their prices:

Just contact us directly at or Call/WhatsApp: +237 650 419 401,  (Business Time: 8am – 6pm, Monday – Saturday). Prices of sponsorship and business promotions on Wandabiz are shown below.

Sponsored Posts

Are you launching or relaunching a product or service or you want more exposure for a great, but under-performing product? You can now send your articles, press releases and special feature stories to  Wandabiz  for publication.

Price: $200 per article (Published within 24 hours). Price includes VAT.

Note that the prices above is just for publishing your content on our blog, you are expected to provide the content (500+ words with images).

However, if you prefer us doing the writing, you pay  $250. Your article will be delivered in 4 days.

We can also review your product, software (or app), or service and write about it on our blog. Cost:  $300. The review will usually be published within 7 days.

The post will be published on our site and also amplified via our social media audience.

Header Ad Slot

This Ad unit appears on the header area right of the Wandabiz  logo. It appears on every page on Wandabiz website including the homepage, category pages, tag pages, and archive pages. This Ad slot is for 725 x 90 pixels units on Desktop and 300 x 250 pixels unit on Mobile.

Inside Content Ad Slot (Top)

This is the prime Ad slot on  Wandabiz . It appears before the first paragraph of every article on Wandabiz  and will only be seen on content pages. This means that this Ad slot will not show on the homepage, category pages, tag pages, and archive pages. This is for 300 x 250 pixels units

Inside Content Ad Slot (Within)

This is another prime Ad slot on  Wandabiz . It appears within the article itself. Two slots are available one after the second paragraph and the other after the 4th. It only appears in content pages on Wandabiz . This means that this Ad slot will not show on the homepage, category pages, tag pages, and archive pages on Wandabiz . This is for 300 x 250 pixels units

Inside Content Ad Slot (Bottom)

This Ad slot appears at the end of each article and like the Inside Content Ad Slot (Top) only shows in content pages. This is for 300 x 250 pixels units

Sidebar Ad Slots

This Ad units appears on the sidebar of all pages on  Musbizusblog including homepage, category pages, tag pages, and archive pages. This is the most affordable Ad slot and is available for 300 x 250 pixels units.

You are responsible for providing creatives. The banner must be in image format. We do not accept banners built on Flash. If you want animated banners, use .gif or HTML5. Note that before we accept your Ad and provide payment instructions, you banner and landing page must meet our standards for quality.

Product Reviews

Do you have a great tech product that no one seems to be noticing in the marketplace or are you planning to launch a new product in the Cameroonian or African market, you can now send it to us for review. Let us tell our audience in Cameroon and all across Africa and the world how good or bad your product really is.

How to Advertise on Wandabiz

For more information on availability and payment details, contact  Wandabiz  at or Call/WhatsApp:  +237 650 419 401  (Business Time: 8am – 6pm, Monday – Saturday).

Why Advertise on Wandabiz

Wandabiz is a major source for reliable information, news, entertainment, and online services in Cameroon. It is one of Nigeria’s top blogs. Most of our readers (more than 85%) come directly from search engines and are searching for specific information on the internet. Information sort after by our readers include:

  • Latest News
  • Latest music and videos
  • Comedy skits
  • Specs and Prices of Mobile Phones, Laptops, TVs, etc
  • Stores where they can buy Mobile Phones, Laptops, TVs, etc
  • Prices of different products and services
  • General information (reviews, overviews, buy guides, specs, features, specifications, how to) about products or services
  • Great deals/promos on Technology gadgets & services
  • Tips on using Technology gadgets
  • Tips on Online Services like Social Media, Digital Marketing, etc
  • Loans/lease financing
  • Information about booking flights online
  • Information about mobile and internet services
  • Information about Satellite TV and Pay TV Services
  • Information about Mobile Apps
  • Locations or contact of dealers of technology product or services within the towns they live in

Ads that are Prohibited on Wandabiz

While we want to promote your business, we are also committed to keeping our audience. Therefore, Ads that we consider unfair or offensive to our audience are prohibited. Here are some types of Adverts that are prohibited on  Wandabiz . This is not a complete list, just a guide. We may have

  • Hateful Ads: We will not promote Ads with hateful messaging based on race, tribe, religion, political affiliation, gender, or any Ad that will disgust or outrage a subset of our audience
  • Exploitative Ads: Wandabiz  will not promote Ads that may exploit people with questionable claims such as Ponzi schemes, get rich quick, instant cure for illnesses or diseases, instant prosperity, magic, Voodoo, instant weight loss, instant solution to fertility problems, and all such
  • Poor Quality Landing Page: We will only send our audience to quality websites. So if your landing page does not meet all standards set on this guideline we may reject your Ad. If your landing page contains malware, or engage in any shady practices we will reject your Ad. Note that even if we accept your Ad initially, but notice your infringement midway, we will withdraw your Ad and will not resume until you correct all our concerns
  • Misrepresentations: Ads that present a product or service in a way that is not accurate, truthful, or realistic will be rejected.