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Alert: The untold truth behind the coronavirus

The coronavirus will soon become a pandemic yet the untold truth about the coronavirus to Africans is still unknown and should be known by all Africans.

The coronavirus epidemic and Chinese and Western complicity against Africans: the truths we are not told and the precautions we must take. All Africans need to be alert.
By Dr. Marthe Mulumba (DR Congo), Dr. Thomas Koffi (Côte d’Ivoire) and Dr. Elisabeth NYONGO (Kenya)

We, African doctors and health personnel, have decided to launch this urgent appeal to warn all Africans not to believe in the video which is currently circulating on social networks in recent days from China and which shows an African student who would have proven that he is immune to the coronavirus and to tell the truths that our governments and foreign powers do not want our people to know about this disease.

This video is completely false and it is part of a cynical manipulation and strategy to reduce the African population.. As you know, in the majority of the interests and projects that the Chinese have in Africa, they only employ their own brothers. So, if Africans believe that they are not at risk with the coronavirus, the Chinese will still be able to massively send their workforce to our countries. Like the Trojan horse, these Chinese carriers of the coronavirus will infect Africans, starting mainly with women. Because everyone knows that to spread a disease quickly in African countries, you have to go through women because they are in the majority in areas and public spaces such as markets, fields, gastronomy, etc. where people are in constant contact and unprotected with each other. The Chinese made this fake video to lower the vigilance of Africans and prevent us from protecting ourselves effectively by preventing them from entering our countries. Unfortunately, under the pretext of praising the physical force and the natural power of black genes, many of our internet users and well-intentioned but naive activists propagate this false video. It is shameful that this African student agreed to play this comedy for a few banknotes. It is scandalous and unworthy of our youth!

Above all, however, we must publicly denounce the pressures that we and several other medical colleagues have received from our governments not to tell the truth about the maneuvers of China and the Western powers in this coronavirus case. Indeed, as always when an epidemic breaks out, Western countries take effective measures to inform, warn and protect their populations. Then they share their information, knowledge and prevention and healing techniques with Asians and Arabs. But Africans and the Black Diaspora, they don’t care. On the contrary, through the IMF and the World Bank, Westerners impose economic, social and financial policies which force African countries to privatize health and education. Our leaders are so corrupt, fearful and incompetent that they cannot resist them to protect the health and defend the lives of Africans. As a result, Africans are still the most affected by all kinds of epidemics. Worse, when they are over with others, with us these epidemics accumulate on those that have never been eradicated, which worsens the situation.

We, African doctors and health professionals, do not have the power to change African leaders and put an end to harmful interventions by Westerners in our health policies. The only weapon we have to help our people is information and awareness. And you, dear Sisters and Brothers, dear Children, Parents and Grandparents, your only chance to stay healthy and alive is to do good prevention. Indeed, if you wait until you get sick, the lack of good medical facilities in our countries will lead to your death. Even those who live in Europe are also in danger because as you know, in the event of a medical emergency or health crisis, it is always the whites who are treated well first, then the Asians and the Arabs, and we considers us only as a last resort. So, first of all, let’s avoid these diseases that come out we don’t know where. This is the untold truth behind the coronavirus.

The only way for blacks to protect themselves from the coronavirus:

In the face of the Coronavirus epidemic, we call on all of you to scrupulously respect the following measures:

1. Avoid at least for the next two years any contact with nationals, food, animals and any other product from China and Asia.

2. Also avoid contact with nationals, food, animals and any other product from Europe and the Arab countries.

3. The reason is that, as the incubation period of Coronavirus is very long, it is certain that nationals, food, animals and products from China which were already on the international market were already contaminated before the epidemic does not explode. But as European, Asian and Arab businessmen can no longer sell these products in their countries at the risk of contaminating their populations, it is in Africa and in the Black Diaspora that they will dump this as always. Remember the scandal of toxic waste dumped in Côte d’Ivoire and Ghana, the cholera epidemic brought to Haiti by Nepalese UN soldiers, etc.

3. So, * to those who live in Africa: please do not buy anything you need to eat, put in or wear on your body in import-export stores. * Supply -you directly and exclusively with farmers, breeders, fishermen, artisans, local industrialists. The same goes for those in the West Indies and South America. * As for those who are in European, Asian and Arab countries, they demand from Afro shops that they now order their products directly from farmers, breeders, fishermen, artisans and industrialists based in Africa. please demand that they show you proof that what they are selling really comes from Africa. Because, as you know, the Chinese, Asian, European and Arab mafias now copy and counterfeit a lot of African products to dump them all over Africa and fill them in Afro-Shops abroad (which they also control for most) in order to earn money that circulates in African families and communities who want to consume African in Europe.

4. * African States must temporarily prohibit Chinese, Asian, European and Arab companies operating on the Continent from sending new workers from their countries to our country and limit visas in this sense, because they are potentially carriers of the new virus. * In the same way, those who are already with us must not return to their countries and return to us (either they do not move, or they return to never return for two years minimum).

 The importance of the two-year delay and the untold truth behind the coronavirus to Africa:

We urge you to observe these precautions and apply these measures for at least two years because, from a medical point of view, contrary to what the western pharmaceutical industry makes you believe just to sell its ineffective and addictive drugs, the body Human needs a minimum of time to adapt to a new disease and develop internal mechanisms to fight it effectively, with or without medication. However, this adaptation process lasts more or less long depending on the distance that there is between the focus (topological / geographic, anthropological / physiological, economic / material and sociological / cultural) where the disease broke out and the places where it then spreads.

This means, for example, that if a disease breaks out in China, the Chinese will suffer much more than others at first, but they are also the ones whose organisms will adapt most quickly to the new virus. So when this virus leaves China and wreaks havoc elsewhere, the Chinese bodies will have developed antigens or antibodies in the meantime that will allow them to resist the disease more effectively. In this situation, the countries and peoples who are furthest from the Chinese will also be the ones who will suffer the most from the effects of this virus. This is the case for African countries; and with the absence of good health policies and good medical structures and infrastructure, the devastation will be terrible. (Without forgetting the fact that racists as they are, one day you will hear Asians, Europeans and Arabs come together to pretend that in fact this virus did not come from China, but from Africa). This is also why, even if it will be difficult for some of our families, our people who currently live, work or study in China must not return to the country for the next two years.

Certainly, in two years, the disease will have reached all four corners of the earth, including Africa, and we will know how the different population groups react to this. Based on that and by then, the appropriate drugs will have been found and their effectiveness verified. Before this deadline, it would be irresponsible and dangerous for us, Africans and blacks in general, to go to China and Asia and have too close contact with people, food, animals and products from this country and this region.

Please follow these guidelines and share this message.
* Let us learn, educate and protect ourselves together, or else we will all die together *.

Kinshassa, Abidjan and Nairobi, February 15, 2020, The untold truth behind the coronavirus in Africa