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ATC and ITC GCE results 2023 Cameroon

The ATC and ITC GCE results 2023 shall be released between the 27th of July to the 2nd of August 2023 just like the Cameroon GCE results 2023 for O/L and A/L. The ATC; Advanced Technical Certificate and the ITC; Intermediate Technical Certificates are the Professional equivalent for GCE Advanced Level and GCE Ordinary Level respectively.





ATC and ITC GCE results 2020 Cameroon
ATC and ITC GCE results 2023 Cameroon

ATC and ITC examination was introduced in August 2019 to replace the CAP, Probatoire and BACC in English Technical Schools in Cameroon. The exam is fully managed by the Cameroon General Certificate of Education Board CGCEB and grading is in terms of papers; with 5 papers minimum to pass at the Intermediate Level and 4 papers minimum for pass at the Advanced Level.

The writing of the exam shall follow the same general timetable as that of the GCE General beginning with the practical sessions in May and written part from 1st June 2023.

The release of the ATC and ITC GCE results 2023 shall give a clear understanding if the new system instituted in place for English technical school students is advantageous or not.

Some disadvantages already being witness is that students do not care about some important subjects claiming after all the must not pass it to make a pass at the GCE.

The grading system shall follow the same method as the GCE General with Pass grades ranging from C to A at the ITC and E to A at the ATC.

It is what noting that this is the first session of the ATC and ITC examination to be written in Cameroon, hence the ATC and ITC GCE results 2023 release shall be the first of it kind and is really something that both parents, teachers and students alike shall be waiting with great suspense to see what comes out from it. Whatever be the case it is the long awaited English sub-system of education that has been put in place hence all what is needed is adaptations.

We intend to update our readers as new information about the examinations unfold. Immediately after release of the ATC and ITC GCE results 2023, we shall upload the complete results here with grades in PDF for both GCE General (O and A), GCE Technical (O and A) and GCE ATC and ITC.

At the moment we urge all students preparing for this examination to put in their utmost best to make it a success. We urge students to sacrifice any other thing and give more time in the preparation of this exams so at the time of writing it is going to be as simple as a class example. Note that “Failing to prepare is preparing to fail” and the is no better time to pass this exam than now.

Teachers are also encourage to make use of the materials they have and put it in a way that may best fit the success of their students. Teachers are the backbone of the society hence what they give is what the society produces.

Parents should also give their students ample time and guidance in their studies to help them succeed as the students at times may just be ignorant and need advice from a concerned mind.

If all efforts are put in correctly then the ATC and ITC GCE results 2023 shall be a big success. Wishing all candidates sitting for the GCE examinations 2023 a big success in the practical and written part, and also in the results come July/August 2023. GOOD LUCK.