Bushiri and Mboro fight ‘over woman’: Major 1 accused of hacking another prophet

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri is fighting with Prophet Paseka Mboro Motsoeneng over, among other things, recent claims made by a South African woman, Felicia Sibeko as Mboro accuses Bushiri of hacking social media accounts belonging to both Mboro and Sibeko.

Sibeko had alleged that Prophet Bushiri who is the leader of Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) church scammed her of millions she invested in Bushiri’s gold and forex commodities scheme.

She claims to have invested about K7.4 million (R150 thousand) in the scheme when she was promised that her investment would generate close to K49 million (R1 million) in the space of six months.

However, she accused Bushiri who is commonly known as Major 1 of running away with her money without giving her a single coin.

“I was scammed by Shepherd Bushiri after investing the last money we had secured for us and the future of our children, selling our business because he assured us that we are definitely going to have great returns on our investment” said Sibeko.

“We were assured that our lives will change. However, we are now living in poverty. We are in debts. My child can’t go to varsity because we don’t even have a cent to buy my child clothes or food, not to mention school fees. This so called man of God, Major 1 ruined our lives. We only wanted a better life for ourselves, we trusted him”, said Sibeko in a statement.

She claims that all her efforts to recover the money she invested proved futile, prompting her to call the Malawian born prophet a liar who she alleged targets and steals from the “vulnerable and poor all in the name of God” to finance a lavish lifestyle.

“We’ve tried all we could to get hold of Major 1 so he can give us back our money but we’ve been blocked by his office it’s really sad to see how he takes us now after we’ve invested our last money on his fraudulent activities”

“I am so disappointed. We believed that he is used by God. We never doubted him as he claimed to be a Prophet of God. We are so disappointed” said Sibeko as she revealed to have opened a police case against Bushiri.

But in a twist of events, Prophet Shepherd Bushiri who has is yet to comment on her allegations has sued Prophet Paseka Mboro Motsoeneng of Incredible Happenings Ministries and president of the Church Mandate Turn Around Movement.

Bushiri filled the lawsuit soon after accusing Mboro of “making soulish prayers, and directing all sorts of bad remarks and name-calling, against me”.

Mboro confirmed being sued by Bushiri, revealing the lawsuit is in connection with Mboro’s involvement with Felicia Sibeko who he supported with groceries.

He said the summons are an attempt to intimidate and silence his efforts so that he could back down from helping people like Felicia Sibeko and her family.

Mboro said he is “not moved” and that he will fight the summons, accusing Bushiri of instigating a a conspiracy against the South African prophet.

“I will not back down from helping people in need because of summons which Bushiri legal team sent in attempts to intimidate and silent him. I will continue to stand up tall and defend, help and speak for anyone who needs my assistance” reads a statement allegedly by Prophet Mboro.

Meanwhile, Mboro has also claimed that he has been hacked allegedly by the ECG leader.

“Some of the videos where I spoke of Bushiri got deleted off our official Facebook. Clearly this is yet another attack from Bushiri and his hackers” said Mboro has also accuses Bushiri of running social media accounts and pages to tarnish his image.

He says Bushiri is running social media accounts that publish fake reports against Mboro, referring to the fake news that he had visited heaven where he took a selfie with Jesus and the recent reports that he went to hell where he killed the devil.

Mboro promises to sue Bushiri on behalf of other “poor people he robbed”.

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