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Lawyer Caught On Camera watching Porn In Court Instead Of Defending His Client (Video)

Not every person that goes to prison actually committed a crime, some are just victims of unprofessional practices by some lawyers, the video below shows how camera caught lawyer watching porn in court instead of concentrating and defending his client.

Your really take your money to hire a lawyer to defend you in court and he instead came and concentrate watching such video on his android phone which can cause you go to jail because of his absent mindedness.

Seriously speaking if the court is serious, this particular lawyer must go to jail first before any trial; because that is how he has been causing innocent people to go to jail because of his foolishness,

It is really sympathetic for a professional of that magnitude. We are aware every one has a bad attitude that gives he/she pleasure. But every body got to keep the foolish habits aside when it is time for work.

I really do pity all the people who have hired this guy in the past to defend them.

Thank God his foolishness has been uncovered.

Really funny: Lawyer watching p03rn in court session.