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Cameroon Archbishop Kleda discovers cure to COVID19

Some Cameroonians have been expressing relief and anxiety following a declaration by Archbishop Samuel Kleda of the metropolitan diocese of Douala that he has treated some persons earlier diagnosed coronavirus positive.

“We have treated people of coronavirus and many others are coming for treatment”.Archbishop Samuel Kleda declares to Mimi Mefo Info Sunday April 26th 2020 shortly after Sunday mass.

Questioned if the Archbishop is looking forward on the Cameroon government to endorse his coronavirus medicine, he says “…if the government recognises the medicine and offers to support us in the treatment of Cameroonians, i will be grateful but if they don’t no problem”.

His Lordship Samuel Kleda says he has been researching on medicinal plants for thirty years and throughout this period, he says he has discovered a combination of plants that treat respiratory problems.
With one of the advanced stage of coronavirus being difficulties in breathing, the prelate says he simply put together the combination and it worked.

“My ultimate pleasure is that those who took the product are today coronavirus negative. I`m satisfied”. The prelate added with a victorious smile.
To the Archbishop, some medical workers who contracted the disease have been treated free of charge. He explains that the nurses were contaminated while treating COVID-19 patients. The Douala diocesan health department is closely monitoring the treated patients.

On why a servant of God will not only depend on prayers for healing but to the point of developing a cure for the global pandemic, Archbishop Samuel Kleda says God has given human beings plants and knowledge for them to help themselves.
At the time of this report, the government of Cameroon has not issued any official statement concerning the supposed discovery of the cure of COVID-19 by the Archbishop.