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GCE Results 2023 Download PDF Complete With Grades Cameroon General Certificate of Education Board

The Cameroon GCE Results 2023 PDF has just been released a few hours ago today the 26th of August 2023 complete with grades. Download the result now for O level, A level, ITC, and ATC. Below are the results of successful candidates in order of merit. GCE Results 2023 PDF Download O and A Levels Published Complete With Grades Today.

At the dawn of the release of June 2023 GCE Results At Both Technical and General, they seem to be no hiding place for those who have failed. The atmosphere is hot, expectations are high and tempers are right at the peak. Everyone wants to know the outcome. Students, Friends, and Families have been waiting for so long. For some their fate is already known from the way they wrote and is just a matter of time for the official announcement. But for others, it is still 50/50 equal probability and these are the classes of students facing the hike of tension.

Whether you wrote well or not, whether you will make it or not, one thing remains certain; the GCE 2023 Results have been released in pdf and everyone shall know the outcome today.

If you made it, celebrate and give thanks to God and work harder for a better tomorrow. If you failed, still give thanks to God and work harder to fix what went wrong so as to make a better tomorrow. It’s never too late, the end matters the most.


GCE Results 2023 Download PDF Complete Cameroon General Certificate of Education Board

What is the meaning of GCE?

GCE is the abbreviation of General Certificate Education which is a public examination in most countries, especially the CGCE .  The certificates are the awards obtained from the Anglo-Saxons Cameroon secondary schools. The GCE certificate is of two stages, the first one which is the GCE O’level. It takes 5 years to obtain this certificate but the syllabus for this certificate begins in form 3 and ends in form 5. This, therefore, implies that students between form 3 to form 5 are qualified to write the GCE O’level. Secondly, the GCE A’Levels exam is written in High school by students who had passed the GCE O’levels in at least 4 papers. 2 Papers are considered as a pass in the A’levels.

In addition, the GCE A’levels is an entry qualification for universities in Cameroon and any other part of the world.

Furthermore, the GCE is a UK system of education that was adopted by Anglo-Saxon Cameroonians.

Also, there is also, the GCE O’level and A’Level for Technical schools in Cameroon. Technical Education is a Mandatory examination that certifies completion of lower secondary vocational education programs. Technical education is a program usually for students wishing to pursue an upper secondary education. 

In addition, passing the GCE OL technical Education allows the reintegration of students into the system for the next appropriate grade.

The GCE O’level general and Technical Education comprises three compulsory subjects including English, French, and Mathematics.

Brief History About GCE Results 2023 PDF Download O and A Levels Published Complete With Grades Today

The different sections of Cameroon GCE were first organized as follows; The CGCE for the General subjects began in June 1994, the CGCE  for the Technical section started in the year June 1995, and. For the Baccalaureat Technique and Related Examinations in June 1997. 

The CGCE Board is responsible for organizing examinations by the end of each Academic year for students writing the GCE O’level and A’levels but in the technical and the general sections. The GCE Board’s main office is situated in Buea headquarters in the southwest region of Cameroon. Also, the CGCE Board was set in place in the year 1993 as a body to set up public examinations that is supervised by the Minister of secondary education.

The examination setting process of the GCE Results 2023 PDF Download O and A Levels Published Complete With Grades Today

The GCE board usually have a series of the process before the examination are set up for students to write.

When it comes to GCE in Cameroon syllabus plays a key role in the assessment of the GCE examinations. In the process, the syllabus is often provided in the form of papers on the Internet. The syllabus is usually provided in other to give an outline summary of topics that teachers are supposed to cover before the examination period or a training program.  The syllabus provided usually contains specific information about a particular course or program. The syllabus also provides an outline regulation of what should be covered  in a particular course

Also, there is also what is known as Question Moderation. Before the process, individuals like the subject officials, Assessors, Chief and assistant examiners, and old experienced Examiners are usually invited to meet at the GCE board for about 3 to 5 days to carry out an exercise known as Question Moderation. 

The Certificate After Succeeding In GCE 2023

The CGCEB usually offers certificates for candidates after a period of six months from the time when the results are out and the certificates are distributed to the different centers where the exams were written for distribution. The certificates are issued only to the candidates who actually owns the Certificates or to someone that actually shows some proof to claim take certificate. The certificates are usually available around the end of march after the exams have been published. Also, external candidates need to present their National ID Card to the chief of the center before collecting their certificates. After the month of March, the Chief of the center then returns the certificates back to the board for those who did not collect their certificates. Those who fail or who did not collect their certificates at the level of the chief of the center will be required to pay a penalty at the GCE Head office or at the Buea Regional office in Bamenda.

The Structure of the CGCE for  the Vocational or Technical schools

In Cameroon and other parts of the world, the system of education is almost the same. There is always the General section which usually carries the vast majority and the vocational or technical schools section. 

The system of learning and the way the exams are being set for the General and the Technical is totally different. In the syllabus of the technical or Vocational exam, the students are expected to answer questions on professional and other Related professional subjects which are all compulsory including English and French as in the case of the General section. Also, in the Technical exams, the students are allowed to select any two(2) or three(3) subjects in the module of many different subjects to make a maximum selection of 11 subjects out of their likeness.

In addition, if Religion studies is selected as a module of other subjects, it is not considered as Relevant as will not necessarily be the eleventh subject. Also, subjects like Mathematics is considered Related Professional subjects for students in the industrial section. Mathematics paper 2 usually has two sections one section for the industrial students and the other section for Commercial students.

Structure of the different papers in the Technical GCE

In the technical GCE examinations, every subject has at least 2 papers and not more than 3 for other subjects. 

  • There is paper one (1) also called MCQ which lasts for 1 hour 30 minutes (1 1/2hrs).
  • Also, there is the problem-solving section or essay which is paper 2 and lasts for at most 3 hours.
  • And also paper 3 also known as the practical section lasts also for 3 hours.
  • There is also an internship which is also linked to paper 3 of one of the professional subjects that is only specified by the panel.

Comparing The GCE Results 2023 Released In PDF To The Days Of The Old

The CGCEB is an abbreviation of the Cameroon General Certificate of Education Board. An independent institution in charge of managing examinations for students of both General and Technical Education in the English-speaking part of Cameroon. These exams are managed in two faces for each sector. This includes the Ordinary and Advanced Levels for General Education, and the Intermediate and Advanced Level for Technical Education.

Since the creation of the GCE Board, it has never lost its prestige in the kind of exams it manages. So organized and so famous.

Back in the days of low internet awareness and android phones, when the only source was radio and newspapers, the GCE results released were one of it kind. Students, parents, and teachers will sit in front of the national radio for days listening to the results one after the other; Center by center and name by name till the last dot. I don’t think this is the moment when the GCE results released had their greatest fame. Don’t quote me wrong, am not trying to undermine the enthusiasm of the results released these days, but only trying to reflect back.

I remember after making it at O/L, once the name was read, it was as if I won the presidential election. Friends and families came from all corners carrying me right up in the sky running all over the place. And in the end, it was a big party and merry for all. What an experience. But do successful students today still withness this kind of sensation? They can give me an answer to that.

When was the GCE examination Written?

The General Certificate of Education exams usually begin with practicals in the month of may for science students while the written part begins in the month of June. This year 2023, the GCE will begin on May 31, 2023, and ends on June 18, 2023, which is a decision taken by the minister of secondary Education Madam Nalova Lyonga.

The Different Sessions in the GCE Results 2023 PDF Download O and A Levels Published Complete With Grades Today

The Cameroon General Certificates of Education is a very strict examination that does not plays with punctuality except otherwise. The GCE 2023 had two sessions. The morning and the afternoon sessions. The morning session begins at exactly 8: 00 Am and lasts for 1 hour 30 minutes for paper one but for ordinary and advanced level for the general section while the afternoon session begins at 1: 00 pm and last for 2 hours 30 minutes for ordinary level students and 3 hours for advanced level students except for advanced level Physics that last for 2 hours 30 minutes.

Type of Examinations Managed By The CGCB for the release of the GCE Results 2023 PDF Ordinary and Advance Level

The results of the GCE 2023 Examination Can be classified in different ways;

GCE Results 2023 PDF Download In Terms Of System Of Education

In the terms of schools, the examination results shall be classified into two parts;

  • The General Education Examination Results 2023 is defined as the results from examinations written by students attending secondary Grammar schools in English Cameroon.
  • The Technical and Vocational Education Examination (TVEE) results are defined as the results of an examination written by students in secondary Technical Schools in Cameroon.

GCE Results 2023 PDF Download In Terms Of Levels

In terms of Levels, the examination results can be classified into 4 types;

  • GCE Results 2023 Ordinary Level. O/L results refer to results from the examination written by students of the General Education system who have undergone five (5) years of studies. It is written in the class of form five.
  • GCE Results 2023 Advanced Level. This is the result of examinations written by students of General Education after spending two more years at the Ordinary level. It is written in the class of Upper Sixth.
  • GCE Results 2023 Intermediate Technical Certificate. ITC results are obtained from Technical Education students who have spent 5 years in school. The exam is written in form five.
  • GCE 2023 Results Advanced Technical Certificate. ATC results are gotten from examinations written by Upper Sixth students in Technical Education. That is students who have spent 2 more years after ITC.

The Grading System Used For GCE Results 2023 PDF Download O and A Levels Published Complete With Grades Today

The grading system for both Technical and General Education results is the same. The difference only comes with the levels. With A/L being the same as ATC and O/L being the same as ITC. Letter Grades are being used to distinguish specific performance per subject. The Grading system can be summarized as follows.

Grading For O/L and ITC Results.

The letter grades use for these levels are; A, B, C, D, E, and U.

Grades A, B, and C represents pass grades with A being the highest with 3 points, B with 2 points, and C with 1 point.

Grades D, E, and U represent fail grades in worsen order, with U representing ungraded. U is the lowest grade at these levels.

The maximum number of papers that can be written at these levels is 11 hence giving a maximum score of 33 points.

Grading For A/L and ATC Results.

The letter grades used here are; A. B. C, D, E, O, and F.

Grades A, B, C, D, and E all represent pass grades with A being the highest of 5 points and E being the lowest of 1 point.

Grades O and F represent failed grades, With O standing for compensatory.

The maximum number of papers written differs from the system of education. With a maximum of 5 papers with General Education and a Maximum of 8 papers with Technical Education.

The number of papers considered as pass at the GCE Results 2023 PDF Download O and A Levels Published Complete With Grades Today.

The number of papers considered as pass varies for the different systems of education as well as levels;

  • Ordinary Level O/L: Candidates are expected to have passed at least 4 papers to be considered successful in the examination.
  • Intermediate Technical Certificate ITC: Candidates must have a pass in at least 5 papers to be declared successful.
  • Advanced Level A/L: Candidates are expected to have passed at least 2 papers to be declared successful.
  • Advanced Technical Certificate: Candidates are expected to have passed at least 4 papers with at least 2 trade subjects.

How Are The GCE Results 2023 Finally Published?

After marking the exams by competent examiners and cross-checking by the examiners, each paper becomes set for onward processing. If validated and approved by the Registrar and Minister, the results are now fit for release. Results these days are mainly published on media outlets such as and many others. Because of the influence of social media, all results are now known almost immediately. GCE Results 2023 PDF General and Technical are published in terms of the center numbers. The results are leased in other of merit. Feel free to download full results from our website.

Advice To Students

We encourage everyone to work hard and harder for a personal successful future. Those who made it I say a big congratulation on doing all the hard work. For those who failed, there is no better to start to begin preparation than now.

Note: As you strive for certificates with good grades, always try to answer this simple question. What can you do?

Some shortcomings faced by the GCE over the years;

  • The use of GCE questions reserved for Entrance Examinations into ENS around 1990,
  • Change of the format of the GCE question papers in 1991 without any notice to candidates, poor printing,
  • Wrong page numbering (pagination),
  • Spellings errors,
  • Shortages of question papers and writing materials,
  • Late arrival of question paper(s) and the postponement of some papers,
  • Wrong or invalid instructions on question papers and examination leakages.