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Cameroon GCE Results 2023 General and Technical

It is almost impossible to graduate from the first cycle (ordinary level) or from the second cycle to the university (advanced level) without having a pass in the Cameroon GCE results examination (General Certificate of Education) in Cameroon. There are no results without an exam or a test that is why these results come in August only after an examination is written in June. This result comes out in two faces; it is either negative or positive. Cameroon GCE Results 2023 General and Technical.


The positive results for Ordinary Level range from A (3points), B (2 points), C (1 point), and the negative ranges from D(FAILED) and U (VERY POOR) in the General Education Sector. While Advance level passes are classified into A (5 Points), B(4POINTS), C (3POINTS), D (2POINTS), E(1POINT) while the failed grades are classified in O which is also known as compensatory (meaning it could have been a passed if marked based on Ordinary Level standard) and F which is failed. These results are graded following the standard GCE results grading system.

The Cameroon GCE results are awaited by students who sat for the GCE exams be it Ordinary Level or Advanced Level, Technical GCE, and Commercials. This examination is usually written in June and results are published about 6 weeks after the examination. Those in charge of ensuring that the results are available are examiners who come from different parts of the country to seat together to mark the examination papers and grade the students using a marking guide prepared by them. The identity of the students is hidden to ensure that the results are not tampered with, after which a different set of persons do the compilation of the results and not the same examiners. Cameroon GCE Results 2023 General and Technical.

HOW THE CAMEROON Cameroon GCE Results 2023 General and Technical ARE PUBLISHED

Candidates use to face a lot of difficulties in getting their results years back. Back then, the most popular channel of communication was via radio, notice board, and post office. It took students days and even weeks to know their results after statistics have been read on the radio. Some students have to confirm their results only after the result slips have been made available in schools. Others out of anxiety fall sick and others even attempt to commit suicide out of frustration, impatience, and at the sight of successful candidates jubilating.

Technology has made Cameroon GCE Results reach the four pillars of the nation within the blink of an eye.






-Notice board


-Result slip


Immediately the Cameroon GCE Result is released, it is hosted on different websites (including and on the internet where students can easily access it. It is also sent through mails to schools, which is later printed and published on the school notice board. MTN which is a network communication system also facilitates the transmission of the Cameroon GCE Results. All students need to do is to send their candidate number and center number via a text message to a given number, and their result is sent to them at just 100frs. The most satisfactory medium is the Cameroon GCE result slip. Though it is made available only one week after the publishing of the results, it gives candidates peaceful satisfaction. Some students searched other mediums and conclude that they have failed the exams, but later discovered they succeeded after receiving their slips and others discover they failed after receiving their results slips as well. Cameroon GCE Results 2023 General and Technical.

These different methods used in publishing the Cameroon GCE Results have their lapses. At times, bloggers mistakenly host past GCE results on their websites on the internet and at times discover it after candidates must have concluded their failure. Mails at times are not reliable at times since a different school’s result can be sent to a different school or names of candidates being omitted. Even MTN which is the most used medium nowadays is heartbreaking at times since their network is not stable. Radiofrequency too may not be the best and the patience to wait is what students or candidates do not have. Though the Cameroon GCE results slips are the last medium, it is the most accurate because it gives exactly what your certificates carry.



Students reactions at the Cameroon GCE results

Students are the direct persons involved with the Cameroon GCE Results since they are the ones who sat for the exams. The atmosphere a few hours after the results are published is usually very tense, with students running up and down to search for their results. Others out of anxiety lock themselves up in their rooms in isolation as they await their results. Out of being too tense, others burst out in tears after hearing the results of their mates, while theirs are still pending. There is clear visibility of little gatherings of students either shouting in joy, murmuring, or searching their results online. This tense atmosphere only dies down about 3days after the Cameroon GCE results have been released.


Teachers reactions at Cameroon GCE Results 2023 General and Technical.

To teachers, the release of the Cameroon GCE results brings an atmosphere of silent evaluation on the students’ performance. Teachers are always interested in the % of the different subjects, to know if their efforts yielded fruits or not. This % determines the best teacher and those to be retained in the upcoming academic school year. Schools too are not left out; most parents send their children to schools with good GCE results. The GCE results help principals to anticipate if the school’s population will increase or decrease in the next academic school year. Cameroon GCE Results 2023 General and Technical.


parents reactions

Parents, who go through the stress of giving their children quality education, are usually very tense during this period. The joy of every parent is to boast of their children’s success among their folks. As soon as GCE results are released, some parents are at the forefront of searching for their children’s results.  Parents can be spotted with their children and friends, with bottles of drinks toasted here and there. Others spend time consoling their children with words of encouragement for the next academic year. What is common among parents of unsuccessful candidates is that despite the financial, material, and spiritual support they are still very patient with those children because they believe that, their children will definitely make it someday. Cameroon GCE Results 2023 General and Technical.