Cameroon HND Registration And Requirements 2022

The Cameroon HND registration and requirements is a piece of important information that every student preparing to sit for the Higher National Diploma should know. This information will help you create awareness of the following;

  • HND registration fee.
  • Departments involved in writing Cameroon HND.
  • Necessary Documents needed to register HND.
  • Who is eligible to register for HND.
  • When was HND first launched?
  • The different statuses of HND candidates.
Cameroon HND registration and requirements

When Was The Higher National Diploma, HND Launched?

The Higher National Diploma (HND) is a two-year vocational university program that originated from the United Kingdom and later got adopted by most commonwealth countries including Cameroon, as it was introduced in the country by Ministerial Order No. 02/0069/MINESUP/DDES in 2002. It is general designed to teach students knowledge and skills needed for employment. At the end of the two years of studies, students are require to take an exam; the HND Exams. But before writing an exam, you are required to register first. So in this article, we will be telling you how to successfully register for the HND Exams in Cameroon.

Which Departments are involved in the HND examination registration process?

Note that the following subject areas are available for HND in Cameroon:

  • Business, Finance and Management
  • Engineering and Technology
  • Home Economics, Tourism and Hotel Management
  • Medical and Biomedical Sciences  
  • Teaching, Education and Professional Development

What are the criteria to be eligible to register for the HND examination in Cameroon?

Candidates eligible for the HND registration must be holders of the GCE Advanced Level in at least 2 papers or Baccalaureate, or its equivalent, and must show proof of haven studied for two academic years in preparation for the exam.

For one to obtain an HND in Cameroon, they must write a national examination organized each academic year in one session by the Ministry of Higher Education through the National Committee for the Organization of HND Examinations. The HND examination is open only to candidates who have successfully gone through the program of study for the HND in an approved institution of Higher Learning.

Candidates for the HND exams can either be internal candidate or external candidates.

The status for internal candidate is reserved for either new or old students, presented by an accredited establishment and who can show proof of two years of training in an approved training institution.

Internal candidates

For internal candidates, the application file shall include the following scanned documents, in PDF version only (scanned by scanner):

  • A personal information form filled by the candidate on the website This form shall be printed along with the registration number of the candidate, after the payment with MTN mobile money transaction, stamped at the rate in force, and signed by competent authorities.
  • A transcript of the first two semesters (first year) of the HND cycle signed by competent authorities.
  • A clear certified true copy of the secondary school leaving certificate: General Certificate of Education/Advanced Level, Brevet de Technician (Vocational Training Certificate) or Baccalaureate obtained in a single session in at least two subjects excluding “Religious Knowledge” or an equivalent diploma recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education. Note that a receipt of submission of an equivalent file is accepted.
  • A birth certificate.

External Candidates

The status of the external candidates is reserved for candidates who have failed one or several sessions of the HND Exams and have not been presented by any establishment.

For external candidates, the candidates are required to submit the same documents listed above for the internal candidates. However, in addition, external candidates are required to provide a transcript showing that they previously failed the HND.

Registration fees for Cameroon HND

For the HND Exams, registration fees are usually fixed as follows according to the various categories. Note that the fees may however be altered in other years.

For Category A subjects, the registration fee is 32 000 FCFA.

For Category B subjects, the registration fee is 37 000 FCFA.

For Category C subjects, the registration fee is 42 000 FCFA.

For Category D subjects, the registration fee is 47 000 FCFA.

For Category E subjects, the registration fee is 52 000 FCFA.

All registration fees payment should be done by mobile money transaction. The mobile money number will be provided to the competent authority of the school.

Requirements and Registration Procedures for the HND examaminations in Cameroon

Only establishments with an authorization to open issued at least two academic years before the exams will be allowed to present candidates for the current session of the HND.

External candidates will also be required to submit complete application files at the National commission.

The Head of establishment concerned is required to present internship attestations and transcript of the second year. The Chief of Centre shall forward the marks awarded for the defense of internship reports and supervised projects at the ministry of higher education.

The online registration page will be opened to all Heads of establishments after they must have submitted examination papers and their sample answers for subjects relating to all the specialties authorized and opened in their schools (2 proposals per subject, in MS word format.

Note that there is a penalty for late submission of application files which is usually 10,000 FCFA.

Publication of lists of registered candidates

The National Committee for the Organization of National Exams will study the files and publish the final lists of registered candidates authorized to sit for the exam before the practical examination begins.

That is the registration procedure for the Higher National Diploma exams in Cameroon. It is therefore important for candidates who want to take the exams to meet all the registration requirements before the given deadline as only duly registered candidates will be allowed to sit for the HND exams with their National Identity card.

It is also important for candidates to ensure that the information they are providing is 100% accurate as any false information by the candidate will automatically disqualify them and attract sanctions to the defaulter and the establishment concerned.

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