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MINESEC DRH Online Census 2021 | Personnel headcount of staff form

Procedure to carryout MINESEC Online Census 2021 in 5 Simple Steps.

These are 5 simple steps to guide you complete your MINESEC Online Census DRH 2021 withing 10 minutes using either your mobile phone or computer;

  • Step 1: One our website scroll down and Click on CREAT ACCOUNT.
  • Step 2: Enter matricule to very if it exist in the system. (If not recognise, create an ECI account).
  • Step 3: Create and account by filling the necessary information and validate (write your user password in a save place.)
  • Step 4: On the menu area, click on personel and the click on census.
  • Step 5: Enter all required personal information including; uplaoding of CV and a Photo.
  • Step 6: Scroll Down and Click Save.
  • Step7: Click PRINT to save the form on your device in PDF and print it out.
  • Step 8: Submit the printed information alongside a copy of effective services and a photocopy of the National ID card. 

And now you have successfully completed the MINESEC Online Census 2021 Personnel Headcount.

NB: Details of the MINESEC Online census 2021 are explaine further below in this article.

Breaking News Concerning MINESEC drh Online Census 2021 for personel headcount.

This is an information from the Minister of secondary education concernining MINESEC online census 2021 for staff personnel headcount.

“The Minister of Secondary Education invites all the personnel working in the Center, Littoral, North-West, West and South-West Regions to register at not later than 20th April 2021. This is in preparation for the second phase of the physical and biometric headcount operation. At the end of this registration, each worker is expected to print two copies of the census form from the website.

The Minister equally informs the above-mentioned personnel that only those who have completed the online registration will be allowed to take part in this operation.

All those who will be absent at the end of the said operation will simply be suspended from the pay roll of the Ministry of Secondary Education.”

MINESEC DRH Online Census 2021 in Details.

Before you proceed to the CREATE ACCOUNT button to fill the online Census form of Staff of MINESEC-DRH in Cameroon (Ministry of Secondary Education for Secondary School Teachers in Cameroon) for MINESEC DRH Online Census 2021. 

Endeavor to skip buttons below first and read the instruction carefully before you proceed with the CREATE ACCOUNT button to get access to the Census form of staff of MINESEC Cameroon. This MINESEC DRH Online Census 2021 process involves all public service staff working with MINESEC Cameroon

Don’t know how to do it yourself? 

Contact 650 419 401 on WhatsApp (It cost just 1 500 FCFA to do it for you).

Census Form of Staff of MINESEC in Cameroon By Agent of Human Resource (MINESEC DRH Online Census 2021) 

The agents of human resources in MINESEC Cameroon will carrying physical census of her staff as from the 21 Oct. 2019, the venue of this census Subdivision will be announced by the divisional delegate and all state workers under this ministry are expect to complete this process. All agents of minesec are expected to
1. Go to the website CREATE ACCOUNT through your mobile phone or computer.
2. Create an internet account (for those who don’t have one)

minesec drh online census 2020 of personnel physical headcount staff form
minesec drh online census 2020 of personnel physical headcount staff form

minesec drh online census 2020 of personnel physical headcount staff form
minesec drh online census 2021 of personnel physical headcount staff form

3. On the website above, click on personnel ->census (the filled in your personal information). Then enter to validate.
4. Print the web page carrying your personal information.
5. Hand the printed web page alongside an effective Service and photocopy of ID card to the census agents from MINSEC.

Census n°2 By MINFI Agents

Agents of minfi (COPPI) will also be on the field for a physical headcount of workers who will be expected to present:
1. Effective Service less than 3 months old.
2. Receipt of last census conduct at the banks in the months of June last year
3. Original of ID card

Useful Information to users

Are you a new user? Kindly click on the link “Create an account”, to create your account.

PS: If you are an “ECI” or “ECC”, get closer to any person who has a matricule and has an account already. He should log into his/her account,
click on “PERSONNEL” then select “Create an ECI or ECC account”. A page will appear with a generated matricule which should be taken down.
Fill in the form with the required information and click on “Register”. Your account is created!
You can now “log in” and get connected using the user name and the password you entered when creating your account

Elements taken into account during posting

  1. The rank
  2. The marital status
  3. Disabilities

Cameroon State workers at MINESEC should read the procedure carefully as outlined and ensure it is being followed to download just the required MINESEC-DRH staff census form. 

The MINESEC DRH Online Census 2021 of staff of MINESEC DRH in Cameroon is major progress in ensuring Cameroon state workers can easily go about job requirements without having to travel long distances or paying money to obtain documents that are easily available for free. It is a true integration into the digital age and shows everyone is working very hard for the emergence of the nation.

census is a procedure of systematically acquiring and recording information about the members of a given populationAn official enumeration of the population, with details as to age, sex, occupation, etc. This term is used mostly in connection with national population and housing censuses; other common censuses include traditional culture, business, supplies, agricultural, and traffic censuses. 

The online census is simply performing census activities over the internet without having to move from one resident to another. The ministry of secondary education is currently carrying out a 2021 drh online census for her staff which permits everyone to stay at home and perform the activity.


Types of data collected in the MINESEC DRH online census 2021 Cameroon:

  • Basic population characteristics including age, sex, marital status, household composition, family characteristics, and household size.
  • Economic measures including labor force participation, occupation, place of work, employment-related industry, and educational attributes such as school attendance, educational attainment, and literacy.
  • Geographic and migration information is also collected. 
  • Questions on the place of birth, place of usual residence, duration of residence, and prior place of residence allow planners to examine population movements.
  • Information on buildings, living quarters, and related facilities.

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