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Chinese man Sun Qiang made chief in Ghana (Kwahu-Abetifi town)

Pan Africanists startled as a Chinese man has been made chief in Ghana with full grown Black men carrying him on their shoulders.
When will Africans discard inferiority complex?
While its okay to honour African Chiefs and Kings, honouring foreigners as Chiefs is mental enslavement.
Ghanian men should hang their heads in shame that this is happening in 21st Century.
Our Generosity has always paved way for neocolonial exploitation and scramble for Africa.
Is this the beginning of Political and Cultural domination by the Chinese in Africa?
How many Africans in China who have contributed immensely to Chinese development have been made Chiefs in China?
A Chinese man by the name Sun Qiang, has been enstooled as a development chief (Nkosuohene) of Kwahu-Abetifi, a town in the Eastern Region of Ghana.
The title Nkosuohene is often given to non-royals, who could be politicians or tourists engaged in development.
In Kwaju-Abetifi, this title was conferred on a Chinese man, and some Ghanaians are not so enthused over the development.
Per custom, Sun Qiang, following his enstoolment, was given a traditional stool name — Barima Kofi Ayeboafo. The name Ayeboafo in Ghana literally means “one who has done something to benefit others”.
A grand durbar was held at the Kwawu-Abetifi Palace on Saturday to officially unveil Sun Qiang as the newly enstooled Nkosuohene of the traditional area.