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Chinese President Xi Jinping Hits Africa With A Bitter Truth

From Trump calling Africa shithole nations, to Putin calling Africa a cemetery and now Chine president Xi Jinping. Chinese President Xi Jinping Hits Africa With A Bitter Truth mentioning “Africa rebels against everything except religion”, Hope Africans learn something from these guys “All three are nationalist and none globalists”

Chinese President Xi Jinping Hits Africa With A Bitter Truth

Chinese President Xi Jinping Hits Africa With A Bitter Truth
Chinese President Xi Jinping Hits Africa With A Bitter Truth
“The only thing the black man has inherited from Western colonization is the religions that they practice and that is just what the colonizers wanted.
Notice that in black countries the education is a disaster, the administration is corrupt, health is deplorable, but religion is doing wonderfully well.
Black people rebel against everything except religion. They even thing they are more religious than those who brought them this concept and that the colonizers are not good Christians.
Black people even claim themselves to be the original race of which Jesus Christ has descended. This is how far black people stupidity can go.
Notice that any society that is full with superstitions, religious indoctrination, lack of education and nationalism, is always ridden with violence.”


It’s now clear to every body to understand that the future is not for the globaist, the future is for the patriots. If you really want to develop your nation, forget about the global rules and think about the benefits of your nation. Put your nation first in any global decision put in place and if it does not favor your nation, then look for a way out. China, Russia, North Korea and others have use this methods to free themselves from global slavery. How can you keep on abiding to universal rules that even one among the many can never come from you? Think twice Africa.

Forget about feeling insulted by this piece of information and try to analyze the absolute reality of the content of the piece of information.

Africans could make it if they want. Many African nationalist have tried but the others fails to support them. Mugabe and Gaddafi are the very recent examples that I consider still fresh in the minds of Africans.

International sanctions were placed on Mugabe because he was fighting for African nationalism but no one supported him. Gaddafi was killed because he attempted creating a Gold-backed currency for a united Africa, but no African supported him.

Unity and Nationalism is the only way out. Africans should put Africa first and stop looking at some other fellow human being as supernatural powers who has to dictate on them all the time.

Africans wake up. Africans fight for Africa Nationalism base on African tradition and believes and not on some global things imposed on Africans of which Africans do not understand anything about it.

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