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Church members pray helplessly to resurrect prophet who died of COVID19

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There is a tense atmosphere in Bonaberi, Douala as followers of deceased Prophet Frank have assembled at his premises.
They are praying in hope that he awakes. The forces of law and order have been deployed to the area.
There is a stalemate between the forces of law and order and the family of late prophet Frankline Afanwi.
The family has locked up the corpse in a room denying to deny access to the forces of law and order. They insist he did not die of coronavirus.
The late prophet’s followers have been praying for hours now in hope that he will come back to life.
The body of late Prophet Frank Afanwi will be buried in a few moments. The forces of law and order have retrieved his corpse after breaking into his home.
His mother and other family members that have been obstructing the process have also been arrested by the uniform officers.
A curious crowd has turned up on the streets of Bonaberi in Douala as police men take the corpse of former Presidential candidate, Frankline Afanwi for burial.
His burial comes after hours of tussling between the security forces and family members of the clergyman who said he didn’t die of COVID-19 and had been refusing to give authorities access to the body.

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