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Citizens from any African country who deny COVID19 vaccine test will not be allow to enter Europe – Macron

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Facebook posts circulating in Africa claim France has announced a ban on Africans travelling to Europe if they refuse “the European vaccine” for COVID-19.

“Emmanuel Macron, the president of France and colonial master of France Africa says: Any African country that refuses its citizens from taking the Corona virus vaccine would be banned from travelling in Europe (sic)”

Mr Macron, It is forbidden to forbid and such a law will only make life more difficult for French citizens who love travelling here in Africa!

Image may contain: 1 person, text that says 'Emmanuel Macron: Tout pays africain qui ne voudra pas que sa sa population utilise le vaccin européen contre le Covid-19, sa population ne voyagera plus en Europe'
You politicians and world leaders, you people are messing around with the wrong generation because they will fight right from the four corners of the planet earth to the centre, just to see a free world for all! by fire by force! no matter the weather, night or day, rainy or sunny, The people must be free and fly like birds in the skies.

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