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ENS Maroua Entrance Examination 2021 First Cycle Launched


 ORDER N° 20/00544 / MINESUP OF 09 JULY 2021 to launch the competitive entrance examination into the 1st year of the first cycle of the Higher Teachers Training College (HTTC) of the University of Marouafor the 2021/2022 academic year.



Mindful           of the Constitution;

Mindful           of law n° 2001/005 of 16 April 2001 on the orientation of Higher Education.

Mindful           of decree n° 2008/280 of 09 August 2008 to create the University of Maroua.

Mindful           of decree n° 2008/281 of 09 August 2008 on the administrative and academic organization of the University of Maroua.

Mindful           of decree n° 2008/282 of 09 August 2008 on the administrative and academic organization of the Higher Teachers’ Training College (ENS) Maroua.

Mindful           of decree n° 2011/408 of 09 December 2011 to organize the Government.

Mindful           of decree n° 2011/410 of 09 December 2011 to appoint members Government.

Mindful           of decree n° 2012/433 of 01 October 2012 to organize the Ministry of Higher Education.

Mindful           of order n°19/054/ MINESUP/ SG/ DAUQ/ SDEAC/SE of 27 February 2019 to organize the calendar of competitive entrance examinations into Faculties, Schools and Institutions of Cameroon State Universities for 2021-2022

Mindful           of circular n° 004/CAB/PM of 10 February 2000 relating to admission into national training schools and recruitment into the Public Service.



 A competitive written examination for admission into the1st year of the first cycle of the section for Student-Teachers of Secondary General Education in the Higher Teacher’s Training College (ENS Maroua) of the University of Maroua is launched, for the 2021-2022 academic year, in the following series:


i) The competitive entrance examination is organized in a single session for Cameroonians of both sexes and who are holders of the following certificates; the GCE A/L in at least two(2) subjects including the main subject (major) of the series, and GCE O/L with pass in at least four subjects, including the main subject (major) of the series; the Baccalaureat certificate required for each series solicited;

* Religious Knowledge shall not be taken into consideration

ii) the table below indicates the type of GCE A/level, the Baccalaureat and the main subjects which the candidate must have passed at the GCE A/ be able to sit for the examination;

SeriesType of Baccalaureat and sybject obtained at the GCE A/L
GermanBac  A4 (option: German)
ArabicBac A4 ( option: Arabic)
SpanishBac a4 (option: Spanish)
GeographyBac A4 ot D GCE A/L Geography
HistoryBac A4 GCE A/L History
Computer ScienceBac C, D, E or TI GCE A/L Computer Science or Mathematics or Further Mathematics
ItalianBac A4 ( OPTION: Italian)
English Language and Literature of English ExpressionBac A4 English Literature for the GCE A/L
French Language and Literature of French ExpressionBac A4 GCE A/L French
Bilingual LettersBac A4 or AB1 GEC A/L French and English
MathematicsBac C,D,E or TI GCE A/L Mathematics and Further Mathematics
PhysicsBac C,D or TI GCE A/L Physics
Life and Earth SciencesBac C,D or TI GCE A/L Biology or Geology


(i) Foreign candidates may be authorized to sit in for the examination, under the same academic conditions and based on the number of places available, in conformity with the regulations in force.

(ii) Candidates must not be more than 28 years old as of 1st January 2021

(iii) Civil servants are not allowed to apply as external candidates


Candidates’ files shall comprise the following documents;

–  An application form to sit for the examination obtainable HTTC, Regional centers and the Regional Delegations for Secondary Education. It can also be downloaded from the following  MINESUP internet website: and the internet website of the University of Maroua .  

-A certified copy of the birth certificate dated not more than six (6) months from the date of issue.

– Results transcripts of the GCE O/L or the Probatoire and the GCE A/L or the Baccalaureat  signed or certified by the competent School Authority.

-A certified photocopy of the Baccalauréat or GCE A/L or equivalent diploma recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education dated not more than six (6) months ago. Candidates preparing the Baccalauréat or GCE A/L for 2021 session shall present their diploma in due time. They will be required to present evidence of success, attested by the competent authority and within a specific time limit, if they are successful in the entrance examination.

-A medical certificate issued by a medical officer of the administration testifying that the candidate is physically and mentally fit for teaching. It should particularly specify that the candidate does not suffer from serious physiological deficiencies in his diction, hearing, sight and mobility.

-A certificate of non-conviction ( bulletin no 3) dated not more than three (3) months;

-A receipt showing payment of the sum of twenty thousand (20,000) CFA as examination registration fees issued by COMMERCIAL BANT-CAMEROON ACCOUNT NO 37160229701-44. No other mode of payment will be accepted.

-One self-addressed A4 envelope bearing postal stamps in conformity with the regulations in force.

-Two passport-sized 4*4 photographs.

-An authorization to sit for the examination issued by the Minister of Basic Education, the Minister of Secondary Education MINESEC or the Minister of Higher Education MINESUP for candidates working in those


Candidates who are holders of foreign diplomas shall submit either the equivalence or the receipt showing that they applied for the equivalence of their diplomas or certificates. The order granting equivalence and the receipt are issued by the minister of Higher Education. The final admission of these candidates shall be confirmed inly upon presentation of the text granting them equivalence within the dateline set by the competent authorities


Complete files shall be deposited at the either at the regional delegations of Secondary Education or HTTC Maroua ( Admission services) or the department of climatology, Hydrology and Pedagogy of the Advanced school of Engineering of Maroua situated in Kousseri  latest Wednesday 22th September 2021.


The examination papers will comprise the following:

-Academic performance representing 30% in the overall assessment

-Two written papers representing  70% in the overall assessment


Marks for academic performance shall be distributed on the basis of :

-The candidate‘s age.

-The number of years spent in Secondary Education.

-Transcripts of Probatoire, GCE O/L and that of Baccalaureate or GCE A/L.


The written  papers of the examination will take place on Saturday 25th September 2021

In the following examination centers; Dschang, Bambili, Bertoua Buea, Douala, Ebolowa, Garoua, Maroua, Ngaoundere and Yaounde.


The distribution of papers per series is indicated in the following table

DepartmentMajor PaperMinor Paper
Bilingual LettersFrenchEnglish(essay)
Computer ScienceComputer ScienceMathematics
SpanishSpanishSpanish literature and civilization
English Modern LettersEnglish Language Literature in English
French Modern LettersGrammar( French)Dissertation (French)
Life and Earth SciencesLife and earth sciencesGeology
GermanGermanGermanic Literature
ItalianItalianItalian culture and civilisation

Article 11

The syllabus of the competitive  entrance examination in each Option are the same as in the Baccalaureat or GCE A/L programs.

Article 12

The Jury shall prepare the list of successful candidates following the different series and in order of meritsfor publication by the Minister of Higher Education

Article 13

Written examinations are scored on 20 points.  Any score below 05 points is eliminatory.

Article 14

The composition of the jury mentioned in article 9 will be the prerogative of the Minister of Higher Education.

Article 15

The vice chancellor of the university of Maroua, the director of University Accreditations and Quality and the Director of the Higher Technical Teachers’ Training College(H.T.T.C) of the University of Maroua, each in his/her own sphere, are responsible for the implementation of this order which shall be registered and published in English and French wherever necessary.