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Four Pan Africanists Who Must Sit On AU Decision Making Table

The African Union has failed to defend the African continent, many Africans say the AU is misguided and is working in the interest of the former colonial masters. These Four Pan Africanists Who Must Sit On AU Decision Making Table. Africans are of the opinion that their head of states while in power can’t speak the truth or truly defend the continent as they will be seen as jeopardizing the interest of their former colonial masters. Speaking up for Africa is clearly telling the WEST and other continents benefiting from us to pay their fair share.

Four Pan Africanists Who Must Sit On AU Decision Making Table
Four Pan Africanists Who Must Sit On AU Decision Making Table

We all know if the other continents pay their fair share when dealing with Africa, some of those powerful countries that exploit Africa to remain in power, will have no significance in the world stage. African dictators are giving out our natural resources for almost nothing, the only thing that truly matters to the African dictator is to remain in power for as long as possible and this can be obtained by foreign protection, this is why African leaders allow foreign countries to exploit us and stay quiet.

To solve this problem, we need to make sure some die heart Pan Africanists who are not sitting presidents attend the most important decision making meetings. The Assembly of the African Union is the most powerful decision-making meeting, these meetings are attended by the African head of states and governments of its member states. The African Union Commission is the AU’s secretariat and mostly implements decisions taken by the head of states and governments at the Assembly.

Pan Africanists like Dr. Arikana, Professor Lumumba, Julius Malema and even former Ghanaian head of state Jerry Rawlings should be made to attend the Assembly of the African Union where all important decisions are made, this is because these Pan Africanists have proven to us time without number that they can stand for Africa without fear of contradiction.

These Pan Africanist should have a say in these decisions making meetings and also have the same voting rights and all the privileges enjoyed by the other head of states. They should also be allowed to take even the position of Chairman of AU, a position that is normally supposed to be held by a sitting head of state. These Pan Africanist will be in the house for a term of office and can be reelected by the African diaspora if their activities in the AU were great. Among the Pan Africanists, those who didn’t perform well will be replaced by other Pan Africanists who have proven their worth to the African diaspora.

These are proposals for the African diaspora to ponder on and if we find them reasonable, we can make an online petition and collect as many diaspora signatures as possible in other to push AU to adopt these ideas. If we want changes in African, we the diaspora must bring the changes, we can’t count on our leaders who are trapped by other continents to make these changes, they can’t, their hands are tied.