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GCE 2021 Examination Registration Instructions

Press Release By The Registrar GCE Board On GCE 2021 Registration Instructions

“The registrar of the GCE Board hereby informs the general public and particularly candidates for the June 2021 Examinations organized by the GCE Board , that GCE 2021 examination registration will be carried at all approved Registration Centers from Monday, 16th November 2020 to Friday 15th January 2021. There shall be no Late Registration.” and all instructions should be followed strictly.

The following additional information shall apply to GCE Registration 2021:

  1. There shall be no online registration this year. The 2021 registration method shall be the E-Registration. It should be noted that after Friday 15th January 2021, the E-Registration software shall automatically stop accepting any new entries.
  1. The registration process begins at the registration center, where the candidate shall be provided the 2021 registration information documents (Form G/T 1 and G/T3). Upon fulfilling the pre-registration procedure, a temporary receipt with a candidate identification number shall be printed and handed to the candidate to enable him/her proceed with payment of registration fee.
  2. Registration fee for the 2021 GCE Board Examination are the same as those of the 2020 session. All payments shall be made to GCE Board Examination MTN Mobile Money Account ONLY! A transaction receipt shall be issued by the MTN Mobile Money Agency. The candidate MUST then take their receipt to their Registration center to validate their registration. REGISTRATION FEES PAID INTO ANY OTHER MTN MOBILE MONEY ACCOUNT OF SCHOOLS OR MINESEC ACCOUNT SHALL BE CONSIDERED NULL AND VOID.
  3. Candidates’ individual timetables shall be printed and issued on the spot once candidate’s entries are validated. Chiefs of centers and Proprietors should not retain these documents for issuance at a later date, for any reason whatsoever. No candidate shall be allowed to write a subject which does not appear on his/her individual timetable.
  4. In application of Ministerial Letter No. 00005452/MINFI/SG/DGI of 19th August 2019 issued by the Minister of Finance, the Registration Form G3/T3 shall be franked with a 1,000FCFA fiscal stamp.
  5. Application for marking of the 2021 GCE Board Examination must be done in the Applicant’s regular institution. Subject officials, current examiners or new applicants who DO NOT apply, shall NOT be recruited for the 2021 Marking exercise.



See Snapshot of GCE 2021 Registration Instructions Below As Announced By The Registrar.