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GCE Examination SPECO For Ordinary And Advanced Level

GCE which is an acronym for General Certificate Of Education is a national exam written in Cameroon by students of form five(Ordinary level) and upper sixth (Advance Level). The word GCE speco is a short form used by students, meaning speculation or anticipation. GCE Examination speco is the ability of a student to anticipate or speculate the questions that will appear in the upcoming examination. The reason why students anticipate the questions that will appear in the upcoming exam is to avoid future failure or question embarrassment in the examination hall. A lot of persons are for while others are against examination speco with their different reasons. Speculated questions always go viral a few days to the day the subject is to be written or on the eve of the day the subject is to be written, though others claimed to have anticipated months to the exams.



In as much as students, there are subjects that are very difficult to speculate at. It is easier for students to speculate in social sciences like Economics and it appears in the examination. This is very common in the general education sector, as compared to the commercial and technical sectors where the students face a lot of difficulties when it comes to anticipation, thus avoiding any form of speculation to avoid confusion

GCE Speco 2021 For Grammar and Technical Schools



EX STUDENTS. These are students who already have Ordinary Level and Advance Level certificates, out of the notion of them being experienced, they turn to organize revision classes for students who are preparing for the GCE examination. Most of these questions are based on GCE examination speco. These Ex-students get past questions and pay much attention to these questions that often appear in the previous years, and anticipate it to reappear in the upcoming exam. While another class of students, after viewing the past question, anticipate that those questions that have not been frequenting the past years will definitely appear in the upcoming examination. These two classes of Ex-students turn to contradict each other when it comes to GCE examination speco.

TEACHER. Teachers are like pilots to students, which means the students take whatever is given to them by the teachers, and the GCE examination speco is not left out. In the course of teaching, teachers lay so much emphases on certain topics, which plays psychologically on the minds of the students. These teachers go as far as telling the students to take special notes of topics because it will show up during the GCE examination. During class revision of the GCE mock examination, teachers as well elaborate more on particular questions, anticipating that it will appear during the GCE examination.

EXAMINERS. These are GCE examiners who are also in charge of setting the GCE examination. These examiners are teachers sent from different schools to the GCE board during the setting of the examination. These teachers are so trusted by students that whatever they say is “Yea and Amen”. Examiners are said to be the brains behind Cameroon GCE speco, since they claim to know all the different questions from the different subjects. Rumors have it that, some influential private schools go as far as buying the examination questions and answers for their students, who Aquent themselves with it before its time for the exams to be written. These students, being so kind forward these questions to their friends and loved ones in other schools, thereby sending the GCE examination speco viral and even on social media.


As students, rushing after the Cameroon GCE examination speco limits your sphere of study, and it is difficult to work in line with the syllabus. Most students who are addicted to speculation limit themselves just to their speculations. The chances of failing is very high with this their speculation mentality. As unfortunate as most of these students are, they end up being stranded in the examination hall, and in the midst of their confusion, time is always not on their side which is already a bold step to failure.

The GCE examination speco pushes students to use pre-prepared materials in the examination hall. It is very common to hear students at the eve of the examination talking about SPECO, and these students who have not read the topics where the so-called speco is taken from. They are forced to carry pre-prepared materials into the examination hall since time is not on their side. When caught with pre-prepared material, the GCE board places a 3 years sanction penalty for the student not to seat for the exams. The GCE examination speco has made this the faith of many students, which ends up destroying their educational carrier since a handful of them abandon school completely even after the 3 years sanction is lifted.


When speculated topic or question appears in the examination, this category of speculative students writes very well because they already have a good mastery of the subject matter. Even before the results are published, these students already know their faith.

Time is used judiciously when GCE examination speco appears in the examination. Most of the students use just half of the time allocated for that subject to write the exam, and the other half for revision of the next subject.

That notwithstanding, statistics have proven that 90% of GCE examination speco fails, which has led to the failure of many students. It is always advisable for students to study the complete syllabus before sitting for the exam. Speculation is just to confuse students and help them fail.