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Help! My husband says he must have s * x with our daughter before she gets married – Woman Cries Out

A woman has made a really shocking revelation about her husband’s rather weird obsession with their own daughter.

The woman shared her story on Yoanswers, telling the shocking story of her husband’s strange beliefs.
According to her, the man is insisting that he must sleep with their daughter before she gets married.
Below is how she told it:
I am a South African lady married to a Malawian guy. We have been married for 17 years now and had our wedding here in South Africa in 1999.
We had our first child before we got married and she is 19 years old now. During the time of our marriage, we have had normal ups and downs like any married couple.
I visited his home town in Malawi in 2012. That was the first and last time I went there.
Our daughter is planning on getting married this year to this wonderful man. My husband suggested that we do the ceremony in Malawi and I do not have a problem with that. My biggest problem is that my husband is saying he must be the one to sleep with our daughter for the first time as per his custom!!
To say I am angry in an understatement.  He is insisting on it.
We haven’t told our daughter about her father’s ludicrous custom. I inquired with some of his relatives here in South Africa and they confirmed that it is true. If I refuse they say I will be divorced. I really love my husband. He has been there for me during my worst moments and all has been fine until now.
I know without him I am basically doomed because he says he will put a spell on me to never ever find happiness again. He also says he will do it anyway even without my blessings because if he does not do it, his ancestors will punish him.
Should I let him?