HND Results 2021 Higher National Diploma Examination Cameroon

The HND results 2021 for the 2020-2021 academic year have been released this 29th July, 2021. Below is a list of the results of successful candidates in order of merits.

The HND results 2021 has been published here in term of departments to make it easier for students to find their results.

The August – September window is usually a tense period for students who have written the Higher National Diploma (HND) exams in Cameroon as it is usually the moment of truth for them. This is the period when they anxiously await their HND results.


HND results 2021 higher national diploma cameroon

The Higher National Diploma (HND) is a two-year vocational university program that is designed to teach the knowledge and skills you will need for the job market. After the two years of studies, students are required to take a national exam which will determine if they mastered the training given to them and can thus be given a diploma or not. The results of the exams are usually released within the months of August and September by the Minister of State, Minister of Higher Education.

Brief History and overview of the HND Examination and Results in Cameroon

The HND examination and results 2021 which originated from the United Kingdom was introduced in Cameroon in 2002 by Ministerial Order No. 02/0069/MINESUP/DDES, following its adoption by all Commonwealth nations.

The HND is available for the following fields of study in Cameroon:

  • Business, Finance and Management
  • Home Economics, Tourism and Hotel Management
  • Engineering and Technology
  • Medical and Biomedical Sciences
  • Teaching, Education and Professional Development

General studies courses constituting English, French, Civics, Law, and Ethics are also HND students in each program.

Professional courses are the main courses that students study to develop specialist knowledge and skills in a chosen area of study.

In addition, there are foundation courses which are interdisciplinary courses taught to provide students with a solid background in their various programs.

The curriculum of each program is divided into four semesters of 14 to 16 weeks of teaching as well as continuous assessments and exams.

Students are also obliged to undergo a supervised industrial work experience for a period of 3 months. Industrial experience enables students to blend theory and practice. Upon completion, they are expected to write a report and defend.


Grading System of the HND Results 2021

The Grades for the Higher National Diploma (HND) Results 2021 in Cameroon are classified as follows:-

Distinction GPA of 3.50 and above / Average of 15-20 (85-100 %)

Upper Credit GPA of 3.00 – 3.49 / Average of 14-14.9 (70-74 %)

Lower Credit GPA of 2.50 – 2.99 / Average of 12-13.9 (60-69 %)

Pass (P) GPA of 2.00 – 2.49 / Average of 10-11.9 (50-54 %) Pass

Below 10 (Below 50 %) Fail


HND Exams Eligibility in Cameroon

The HND exams in Cameroon are open only to students who have completed the program course work and research projects, after passing the prescribed examinations in an institution of Higher Learning approved by the Ministry of Higher Education.

After the HND Results 2021, What Next?

Having a PASS in HND exams results 2021 and obtaining the diploma is one thing but it is usually not very easy for successful to decide on what to do after seeing their names on that result slip. Some of them may not be aware of the options available to them.

So most often, after the HND results, successful candidates may want to know if their diploma is enough to get them a job or whether they can use their diploma to obtain a degree program, job and if they can, they may want to know if it is important for them to get a degree. Some may even want to know if their HND results 2021 is sufficient to enroll them into a master program.

Well, if you are one of those candidates, then here are the answers you have been looking for:

Can my PASSED HND results 2021 get me a job in Cameroon?

The most basic answer to that question is a “YES.” Yes, your HND is enough to get you a job. You just have to look for openings in your field and see if an HND is mentioned as one of the qualifications you need. Mind you, some jobs may however require a higher certificate and in that case, your HND may not be sufficient. I will tell you more about that in a bit.

Can I Use My HND to get a degree?

You can enroll into the final year of a Bachelor’s degree with your HND attestation if the HND meets the required standard which is usually at least a Merit certification. Of course, the content of your HND program and your degree program should have similarities. You can enroll for your degree program with the same institution that validated your HND, or at another institution.

If you however intend to pursue a degree that is not relevant to your HND, you may have to enter the second year or start the program from scratch. You just have to go to your university to discuss your particular circumstances.

Is it important to enroll in a degree program after my HND?

The decision to top up your HND qualification with a degree will depend on the career path you have chosen to take. HND courses may give you a direct visa into the job market but you need a full Bachelor’s degree to apply for graduate schemes or graduate-level jobs. That is why most HND graduates in Cameroon would prefer to go in for a degree after their HND.

Can I use my HND qualification to enroll in a master’s degree program?

While an HND may be sufficient to get a job or enroll in the degree program, you may however not be able to enroll into a master’s degree program with an HND. Most master’s degree programs, if not all, will require a full degree program.


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