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Discover how Prophet Bushiri makes money? Here are the top 10 ways,

Forget the businesses, forget the gold mines, forget the whatever you were told that Bushiri owns or does not own. Well, he is truly a business man, a Church Business man. We decided to compile top 10 ways that Bushiri makes money to fund his awesome lifestyle that most people admire. Here we go from the TOP…

10. Tithes

Tithes play a major role of generating money for most church and ECG is no exception. A lot of people bring their tithes to the church and a considerable amount of it goes direct to the man of God. It’s good.

9. YouTube

Most celebrities make money through YouTube Monetization. With his videos attracting million views, Bushiri generates a considerable income from YouTube. Enough to settle some bills actually.

8. Selling of Anointed Materials

We have explained about anointing oil and anointing water, well, there is also anointed pencils, anointed envelopes, anointed stickers, anointed pictures, anointed cups, anointed plates, anointed car key holders, anointed bags, anointed wallets, anointed hanks and anointed everything that money can buy.

7. Pledges

ECG members have been pledging for a mega church for the past 3 years. Others have given millions in dollars, billions in Rands and the normal R2, 000 for everyone in trying to realise a dream of a mega church. They will probably continue to give this money even in the next 5 years. For the house of God, more is needed. Did we mention that it was announced that even President Jacob Zuma paid his pledge for the church? Of course they did not say how much.

6. Spiritual Seed

To be blessed through the anointing and grace of the Major 1 as he is popularly called, one has to sow a seed, the higher you sow, the bigger the blessings that follow you and your generation. This is a popular reasoning among ECG people and Bushiri followers. They sow in abundance and others even sow houses, cars and everything in their bank account to prepare it for more and more blessings through Prophet Bushiri.

5. Offerings

Thousands of people give offerings at ECG. Imagine a Sunday service of over 4 big halls and the popular Miracle Tent… Money is good and it is made in abundance through offerings.

4. Selling of Anointing Water

In those days, anointing water would have been in top 3 but the coming of anointing oil put the holy water out of business. However, it is still bought by a considerable number of people and has been branded to names such as Favour, Fruit of the Womb etcetera. One anointing water bottle sells at R100. You can only estimate the income.

3. Commissions

Only few people know this, but the man of God largely benefits from deals he seals with organisations and countries. Recently, he was in Sudan where he closed a deal of $200 million USD (According to publicised information). This money does not come from his pockets but rather from AFRICCI, an organisation he heads belonging to some rich associates of his, who lend money to countries. All he has to do is become a face of the organisation, lure governments or companies towards getting the loans and he cashes in his commission. It is simple as that. What a businessman he is.

Of course he also gets commissions from purifying those dirty monies by politicians or thieves in higher places. Just put it, you have millions that you can’t explain how you made them, well, why not give to Bushiri as a donation then later get them back as payment for something? That way, you clean the money, he gets his commission and you get paid for the services said to have been provided by you.

2. Selling of Anointing

Anointing oil is another hot cake in prophetic ministries and Bushiri has hugely utilised this. His famous anointing oil, Lion of Judah goes for R150 per bottle. Imagine the numbers that attend his daily services. According to his media team, over 50 thousand people attend a Sunday service, thus, if only half of them buy the anointing oil that he advertises so much, he cashes in over R3 million per Sunday Service. We can only assume that Anointing oil contributes over R20 million in a month if we estimated for all the 12 services that happen monthly at Pretoria Show grounds.

1.International Visitors’ Service

This is actually topping the list of how Bushiri makes money. Imagine over 5,000 visitors in every two weeks of every month and they have to cough out R7500 for a normal package and R15, 000 VIP package. Let’s assume 4000 international visitors take the normal package, that’s a whopping R30 million rand on the normal package while generating R15 million from the VIP section. Through international visitor’s service, Bushiri manages to raise close to R100 million in a month. Surely one can buy a Rolls Royce for bae and use change to build a church.

We hope you now have a clear picture of how Bushiri makes his money.