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How teachers now go to school in Cameroon after a student stabbed a teacher to death

A 15-year old form three student of the Government High School Nkolbisson in Yaounde Cameroon reportedly stabbed to death his mathematics teacher.

The incident happened on Tuesday January 14, at the school premises in Nkolbisson, a town in the outskirt of Cameroon’s political capital Yaounde.

According to CRTV, Maurice Njoni Tchakounte, the late part time maths teacher (who was awaiting government integration after graduating from Higher Teachers Training College was giving lectures in the class of form three when he noticed one of his students, Brice Bisse Ngosso was visibly distracted by something.

Having come close to the student, late Maurice is said to have discovered the student’s attention was instead focused on his phone.

Sources say Maurice attempted to confiscate the student’s phone as it is stipulated in the rules and regulations of the school. Unfortunately for him, in the course of this attempt, Brice allegedly used a pair of compass and stabbed him to with.

The mathematics teacher was reportedly rushed to a nearby health facility but unfortunately succumbed to the wound.

Sources say the student who had ran away to hide at his Oyom-Abang neighbourhood in Yaounde has been arrested.

This is not the first time such incident has occured in Cameroon secondary schools and it has become so common these days probably because of the poor recognition of religion and moral education as a backbone lesson in the secondary school.

Photos of how teachers now go to school in Cameroon to protect themselves from being stabbed by a student

How teachers now go to school in Cameroon after a student stabbed a teacher to death
How teachers now go to school in Cameroon after a student stabbed a teacher to death

Many teachers have cried foul to this deadly practices and some have reported to have decided to protect themselves from deadly attacks from students.

As such, photos trending on social media has displayed the various ways how teachers now go to school after a teacher was stabbed to death by a student of form three. Some teachers have even resulted to protecting themselves even during extra classes in private home as you do not know where an attack may before you.

Letters of appeals have been written to the Minister of higher education urging her to do something about this situation and protect teachers from violent attacks pepertrated by moraless students to avoid the situations of teachers being stabbed by students.

Videos have even emerged of weapons of human destruction ceased by school security authorities from students which includes knives, blades, ands many deadly weapons.

Though these teachers have resulted to different ways of protecting themselves from these violent attacks from student, the authority need to do something to eliminate this and protect a teacher.

Disclaimer: The story above is a life event that happened in Cameroon’s political capital Yaounde, but the sources of the pictures on how teachers now go to school is not 100% trusted.