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HTTTC ENSET Kumba Entrance 2021/2022 into 2nd Cycle, Year One

 HTTTC ENSET Kumba Entrance 2021-2022: Year One 1st Cycle University of Buea Higher Technical Teachers Training College (HTTTC ENSET Kumba) MINESUP 

ORDER N°.20/00542 / MINESUP / OF / 09 JUIL 2020. 

To launch the Competitive Common Entrance Examination for the recruitment of student-teachers of the Technical Secondary Education into Year One of the Second Cycle of the Higher Technical Teachers’ Training College (HTTTC ENSET Kumba) of the University of Buea at Kumba for the 2021-2022 academic year.


Mindful of the Constitution.
Mindful of Law n° 005 of 16. April 2001 bearing on the orientation of Higher Education.
Mindful of Decree no 93/026 of 19 “‘ January 1993 to create Universities.
Mindful of Decree n° 93/027 of 19th January 1993 fixing common dispositions in State Universities, modified and supplemented by Decree n° 2005/342 of 10th September 2005.
Mindful of Decree n° 93/034 of 19th January 1993 on the administrative organization of the University of Buea.
Mindful of Decree n° 2011/408 of 09 11 December 2011 to organize the Government.
Mindful of Decree n° 2011/410 of 09 December 2011 to appoint members of Government.
Mindful of Decree n° 2012/433 of 1st October 2012 to organize the Ministry of Higher Education.
Mindful of Decree n° 2012/333 of 29th June 2012 appointing the Vice Chancellor and Rectors in some State Universities.
Mindful of Decree n° 2014/090 of 7th March 2014 to create the Higher Technical Teacher Training College Kumba, of the University of Buea.
Mindful of Decree n° 2014/189 appointing the Director of Higher Technical Teacher’s Training College of Kumba.
Mindful of Order n°17/0056/MINESUP/SG/DAUQ/SDEAC/SE of 27 February 2020 fixing the calendar of competitive entrance examinations into institutions of State Universities for 2021-2022 academic year.



A competitive entrance examination for the recruitment of student-teachers  into Year One of the Second Cycle of the Higher Technical Teachers’ Training College (     HTTTC KUMBA) of the University of Buea, has been launched for the 2021-2022 academic year in the following departments and Options:


i) The examination shall be organized in one sitting to Cameroonians of both sexes who fulfill

the following conditions. The table below shows the required certificates to qualify for the competitive entrance examination.

Civil Engineering and Forestry TechniquesBuilding Construction-Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering -Bachelor’s Degree in Building -Bachelor’s Degree in Building Construction -Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering -Bachelor’s Degree in Rural Engineering -Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture -DIPET 1 in Building, Public Works
Electrical and Power EngineeringPower-Baachelor’s Degree in Electrotechnics -Bachelor’s Degree of Technology in Electrotechnics -Bachelor’s Degree in EEA -DIPET 1 in Electrotechnics, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration
Mechanical EngineeringMechanical Manufacturing-Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering -Bachelor’s Degree of Technology in Mechanical Engineering -Professional first Degree in Mechanical Engineering or equivalent -DIPET 1 in Mechanical Manufacturing Mechanical Design
Social Economy and Family ManagementHome Economics  -DIPET 1 in Home Economics -Bachelor’s Degree in Home Economics, Nursing, Agriculture or Food Science – Bachelor’s Degree in Biology, Biochemistry and Chemistry or equivalent  
Computer SciencesInformation and Communication Technology(ICT)-Bachelor’s Degree in Human Sciences -Bachelor’s Degree in Law -Bachelor’s Degree in Economics or in Management Sciences – Bachelor’s Degree in Social Sciences and Art -DIPET 1 in Information and Communication Technology    
Administrative TechniquesInformation Management and Communication(IMC)-Bachelor of Technology in Executive Secretarial Studies -Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Sciences -Bachelor’s Degree in Law, Social Sciences and Humanities -DIPET 1 in Information Management and Communication
Management SciencesMarketing-Bachelor’s Degree in Economics -Bachelor’s Degree in Management -Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing -DIPET 1 in Management, Marketing and Economics  
Tourism and Hospitality ManagementTourism-Any Bachelor’s Degree -DIPET 1 in Marketing, Management and Tourism, IMC
LawLawFirst Degree in Law
Science of EducationScience of Education-Bachelor’s Degree in Science of Education and Curriculum Studies, Philosophy, Sociology and Humanities
Guidance CounselingGuidance CounselingAny Bachelor’s Degree
Agronomy(Agriculture)Agriculture-Bachelor’s Degree in Agriculture -Bachelor’s Degree in Food Science Technology -Bachelor’s Degree in Animal Sciences, Botany Sciences Fishery and Agribusiness
Topography and Real Estate ManagementTopography-Bachelor’s Degree in Topography -Bachelor’s Degree in Building Construction -DIPET 1 in Topography, Building Construction -Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering, Public Works

(ii) Candidates with equivalent qualifications recognized by the Minister of Higher E ducation are qualified to write the examinations

Article 3

(i) Foreign candidates may be allowed to sit for the examination in the same academic conditions within the limits of the available places, in conformity with the regulations in force

(ii) Candidates who are not civil servants should not be more than 32 years old as of 1st January 2021.

Article 4

 The registration procedure is as follows;

-Present yourself to any Express Union agency for payment;

– Collect your receipt upon payment of twenty thousand(20,000)FCFA

– Go online and enter your Express Union transaction  ID number for registration at the web address in order to obtain an acceptance slip and submit your clear scanned documents in PDF format.

–  A registration form to be collected from HTTTC Kumba, University of Buea, the Regional Delegations of Secondary Education or the MINESUP website:

-Atyped certified true photocopy of the birth certificate dated not more than three (3) months.

-Transcripts of  levels I,II and III of “Licence” or Bachelor’s Degree signed or certified by competent academic authorities.

-A certified true copy of “Licence”, Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent diploma dated not more than six(6) months

-A medical certificate issued by a medical officer of the administration testifying that the candidate is physically and mentally fit for teaching. It should particularly specify that the candidate does not suffer from serious physiological deficiencies in his diction, hearing, sight and motricity.

-A certificate of non-conviction dated not more than three (3) months;

-A receipt upon payment of twenty thousand (20,000) CFA as non-refundable registration fees delivered by EXPRESS UNION. No other form of payment will be accepted.

-One self-addressed A4 envelope bearing stamps in conformity with the regulations in force.

-Two passport-sized photographs.

-An authorization to sit for the examination issued by the Minister of Basic Education, the Minister of Secondary Education MINESEC or the Minister of Higher Education MINESUP for candidates working in those Ministries.

Article 5

(i)-Holders of foreign diplomas shall submit either the equivalence or the receipt showing that they applied for the equivalence of their diplomas or certificates. The Order granting equivalence and the receipt are issued by the Minister of Higher Education.

(ii) In any case their final admission in case of success will be subject to the presentation of the said equivalence within deadline set by the competent authorities.

Article 6

Complete files should be submitted to HTTTC – ENSET Kumba; the university of Buea or the regional delegations of Secondary Education, latest 30th October 2020.

Article 7

(i) The examination shall comprise:

-Two written papers (70% of the total assessment)

-Study of files (30% of the total assessment)

Article 8

The written papers will take place on the 31st October 2020 in the following examination centers: Bafoussam, Bambili, Buea, Douala, Yaoundé and Kumba.

Article 9

(i)The written Examination will be in the departments and options listed below

DepartmentOptionMajor paperMinor paper
Civil Engineering and Forestry TechniquesBuilding ConstructionBuilding ConstructionApplied Mathematics
Electrical and Power EngineeringPowerPowerApplied Mathematics
Mechanical EngineeringMechanical ManufacturingMechanical ManufacturingApplied Mathematics
Social Economy and Family ManagementHome EconomicsHome EconomicsGeneral Mathematics
Computer SciencesInformation and Communication Technologies (ICT)Communication And Information SystemsApplied Mathematics
Administrative TechniquesInformation Management and Communication (IMC)Case StudyGeneral Knowledge
Management SciencesMarketingMarketingGeneral Knowledge
Tourism and Hospitality ManagementTourismCase Study in TourismGeneral Knowledge
LawLawPrivate and Public LawGeneral Knowledge
Science of EducationScience of EducationGeneral PsychologyGeneral Pedagogy
Guidance CounselingGuidance CounselingGeneral PsychologyGeneral Knowledge
AgronomyAgronomyProject in AgronomyApplied Mathematics
Topography and Real Estate ManagementTopographyTopographyApplied Mathematics

(ii)The syllabus of the competitive entrance examination in each Option is the same as in the Bachelor’s Degree programs or equivalent

Article 10

Written examinations are scored on 20 points.  Any score below 05 points is eliminatory.

Article 11

The study of candidates’ file will be based on:

-The candidate‘s age.

-The number of years spent in Higher Education.

-Transcripts of level I,II and III of “Licence” or Bachelor’s Degree.

-The final results shall be published by the Minister of Higher education after deliberations by the Jury.

Article 12

The composition of the jury mentioned in article 11 will be the prerogative of the Minister of Higher Education.

Article 13

The vice chancellor of the university of Buea, the director of University Accreditations and Quality and the Director of the Higher Technical Teachers’ Training College(H.T.T.T.C) of the University of Buea in Kumba, each in his/her own sphere, are responsible for the implementation of this order which shall be registered and published in English and French wherever necessary.