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I have failed to impregnate my wife despite paying tithes for three years

Rapper Mulaza Kaira also known as Macky 2 has charged that he feels like giving up because he has been paying his tithes in Church with hopes of having a baby but it just doesn’t work out.

Macky 2 said he has consulted several Pastors and Prophets like Bishop Joe Imakando,Seer 1 and others with high hopes of making a baby.

He now plans to travels to Nigeria to meet a powerful prophet TB Joshua of the Synagogue.

It is believed that Macky 2 went to a Fetish Priest or Witch doctor in Congo and exchanged his ability to produce a child for money and fame hence the Kopala Sabala term.

“I have been paying tithes to Bishop Imakando’s Bread of Life Church as well as to Seer 1 with a high hope of having a baby but to no avail”. “I am sad that I have completely failed to impregnant my wife despite her being very fertile according to medical doctors”, cried Macky 2 adding that TB Joshua was now his final hope.