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I still think about my ex while making love to my husband” – Lady begs for advice

A married woman has confessed on an online platform that she still has some feelings for her ex-boyfriend.

The anonymous lady claims she does not want to hurt her husband as wants to protect her marriage but the urge to be with her ex-husband has become overbearing and wants the counsel of netizens on what to do.

I met the man i married 2 years ago, it was like a joke, we started like a friend, i never knew we could even be together because he was always to joffier, he was a cool headed man, he is caring and loving and he is also very rich, though his money is not what i was looking for, i was looking for true love and what truly felt them was love.

He always say to me that he loves me and use to ask me that if am not in love with him, i should let him know that breaking a courtship is better than breaking a marriage. I dont even know maybe something was truly wrong with me then because i told him i do love him too, truly, i thought i did, because as at then, i dont usually remember my ex boyfriend, he was the only in my heart, so, i felt i love him.

Now, we are in the marriage, but the thought of my ex boyfriend keeps coming to the extend that when we make love, i always remember my ex boyfriend. i just dont understand all this, i had to reflect in my past that how did we started i remember that i had forgotten my ex boyfriend, now am so confused how his thought started coming again, and this bitters my heart.

My conscience is beginning to hunt me, i never knew i still love my ex until i got married, i dont want to hurt my man and i want to protect my marriage but all i use to remember is my ex and is affecting the marriage, its not as if my ex boyfriend called me, all these just started of a sudden, am so tired of all these nonsense . Please what should i do? I need serious help?