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I wonder how the whites successfully convinced the Africans that polygamy is a sin but gay is a right?

It is uncomprehendable how the westerners managed to conviced the Africans that polygamy is a sin but gay is a right.

Africans has long lived in a polygamous society where happily and even reducing the problem of several ladies left without a husband.

With the introduction of modernity and religion, majority of African nations have turn to look on polygamy as a kind of sin. But however, that is not all. How could the white succeed in convincing Africans that gay is a right.

Africans should learn on how to practice their religion. Until the day that Africans will start practicing their own culture they will never develop.

Globalization has never helped any country or continent, so if any country must succeed they should never take global standard as a way of life. Practice what you know best in accordance to your tradition (religion)