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Identical Twin Looking For One Man To Marry Them Both

Owami and Olwethu, the famous identical twins who literally share EVERYTHING, including a man, are in the news again after shockingly revealing that they are on the hunt for another husband. The twins are currently searching for one man to marry them both.

Owami and Olwethu identical twins looking for one man
Identical Twins Looking For One Man To Marry Them Both

Thie twins were left single after they divorced their producer husband, Mzukuseni Mazi after realising they had remained in the marriage because of their children – both 7-year-old girls from each sister, with their ex-husband. The divorce was a joint decision and they both wanted to get out of the marriage.

The twins also shared their harrowing experience at the hands of Mzukuseni who once tried to burn them after dousing them with a flammable liquid but could not find the matches.

Identical Twins Looking For One Man To Marry Them Both

Now on the market again, the inseparable Twins have stated their desire to get married again. The 29-year-olds say the prospective husband would have to pay lobola for both of them first. The two, who grew up in extreme poverty say they shared everything from birth. They also revealed that Mazi was the only man they have been intimate with.

The twins have received mixed reactions from friends and family and have been advised to try and date separately. The incident with their now ex has been a major concern to friends who fear they will be taken advantage of.

Now, they say, they are praying for a man who will be able to take them seriously and marry them according to the Zulu culture.

The twins plan to share their journey in a new book they plan to launch in the new year titled Two Bodies, One Soul.

For now, They are hosting motivational talks empowering women across the country.