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If African must succeed, then they must study the moral of African tradition and practice it. (Kim Jong-un)

“How did they succeed in convincing Africans to abandon their magic and follow what they do not understand? If Africa must succeed, then they must study the moral of magic and practice it. Because even in the so called conventional religion there exist bad people; so too in the African tradition they exist good people.”

By the way the religion they believed in was not brought peacefully, it was brought by force and now being asked to follow peacefully no matter your condition.

The reason Africans have failed is simply because they decided to worship another person’s God and abandon theirs, trying to practice things they can’t comprehend. It is not about intelligence, it all about nature, it is spiritual and it is Godly.

They told Africans to start spelling their own God with a small letter “g” and spelling the Whitman’s God with a capital “G”. Its nothing but just a mind game.

If you study the situation in the world carefully, you will come to understand that it is not all about the name of what you practice, but it they way you live in your society.

Globalization has never helped any growing nation of country, because the global laws are put in place by the strong to keep themselves even stronger and push down on the rest.