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Kenyan parliament votes to remove pockets from police uniform so they concentrate on their job

Kenyan parliament vote To Remove Pockets From Police Uniform. Kenyan government. bans police, other para-military agencies from use of camouflage uniforms.

Police in Kenya have been noted for lossinf concentration on their job and what they are paid to do on roadside, instead the place all their concentration on collecting money from drivers and bikeriders and putting it into their large pockets. It is clear that they do no more checks to even track down criminals as long as their money is avaible to put into the pocket. The anti-corruption committee had long complain about this and taled of a possible solution. As a result, the Kenyan parliament has voted to remove pockets from police uniform so as to help them concentrate on their job, improve security and reduce corruption.

The use of camouflage uniforms by various security agencies other than the Armed Forces namely the Army, Navy and theAirForce has been banned.

The Kenyan Police will however use the uniform when in Joint Operation with the military or on special operation such as specific anti-riot missions.

A Major General, said the te new rule followed the directive of the National Anti-corrupttion Council approving the recommendations of a committee on measures to streamline the rate of corruption by policing, throught the act of police collecting money from drivers and bike riders and even forgeting the actual job they are sent to do.

This, he said, was in view of the security implications and concerns raised on this issue, as police concentrate on putting their money in their pockets and even allow real criminals without checks.

“The use of pocket police uniform is therefore restricted to the military and for occasional use by the police henceforth,”

“With this development, the Ministry of Justice along with law enforcement agencies have been tasked to ensure that extant laws guiding the use of uniforms in Kenya are strictly enforced.

“In the same vein, the Office of the National Security Adviser has been vested with the authority to vet and clear any production and supply of Police niforms with pocket in Kenya.

“The development has been communicated to all the agencies by the Office of the National Security Adviser.”

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