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Kenyan women protest for lack of men to satisfy them and make them pregnant

Most of you have been wondering why women would protest for lack f men to sleep with them but this happened and it continues to happen….

Women in Limuru, Kiambu County are a deeply worried lot. Reason? The region has been literally hit by a shortage of what they term as ‘real’ men.

A section of the women held peaceful demonstration in Ndeiya ward of the County on Thursday  claiming that most of their men, including young men, are registering dismal performance in the bedroom.

Overindulgence in alcohol, the women claimed, has seen men technically abandon their homes and abdicated their bedroom obligations at the expense of their wives
So bad is the situation that the women claim, only a handful of newly married women are pregnant as binging takes most of their husband’s time.

“If you walk in this village, you will find so many young married women but only a few are pregnant,” Nancy Wangare, one of the protesters said.
Wangare adds that soon the women will have no option but seek for men outside Limuru to sire children with.

According to statistics by the National Campaign Against Drug Abuse (NACADA), more than 450,000 Kiambu county residents spend at least KSh 300 each on alcohol everyday. This translates to KSh 14 million in a day.

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The apparent ‘desperate housewives’ are now calling on the government to ensure strict enforcement of the famous Mututho rule in the area which restrict drinking hours from 5 PM-11 PM on weekdays and 2PM-11 PM for weekends.

According to them, some rogue bar owners are flouting the rules thus exacerbating the situation. They demanded that the licences of such operators be withdrawn.

The women may have to turn to Nyanza and Western Kenya as men in that region are in plenty in the city- close to Kiambu. Already many Kiambu ladies are married to men from other communities mostly Kisii, Kamba and Masai. Luo Nyanza and Western/Luyha numbers are picking.