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Man impregnates seven women one year after he was released from prison

A man who recently regained his freedom after being imprisoned for a decade, appears to have made a firm decision to celebrate by spreading his oats to numerous women.

He was recently released from jail after spending 10 years and went on an impregnating spree which has bore fruit as he is reportedly set to welcome 6 children just within a year and half of him back in the world.

A sister to the man in question shared the story via her Twitter handle, @babydollxdes as she revealed that he has been home for one and a half year yet he has welcomed a set of twins and is expecting six more kids.

She then jokingly said that he deserves to be jailed again for the act.

“So my older brother did 10 years… he came home by the grace of Allah.. he been home a year and half.. he got 6 kids on the way and just had twins yesterday. LOCK HIM BACK UP.” she wrote.