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Married man dies on sidechick: “Should I attend the shameful burial?” Wife begs for advise

Late last week, the news of two lovers who died in a hotel room graced the internet.

As at then, their identities were still hidden and Police were still doing their earnest job to find out about the case.

But late yesterday night, the wife of the male victim who pleaded anonymous in her post finally decided to open up. She is a member in a Facebook group where marital relationships are harnessed.

She posted her story in tears, brokenness and despair as she narrated that her husband and her cousin sister died inside a hotel room.

She narrated how her cousin sister who lives with them told her she was going to see her boyfriend and her husband told her that he is going to attend a meeting. But the next news she got was to come and confirm a case in a stated hotel. Only for her to go there and find out that it was her husband and her cousin sister that had died.

In her own very words, she wrote:

“I write this in pains. My husband died in a hotel room with his side chick. The side chick with him is my cousin sister who is living with us.

She left the house that she is going to see her boyfriend, not knowing is my husband, my husband left that he is going for a meeting.

That was all I heard until yesterday that they both died in there, all his WhatsApp and Facebook chats points that they have been sleeping with each other and she aborted for him.”

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