Marry Many Wives Or Face Jail | King Mswati Of Swaziland Warns Men

King Mswati III of Swaziland has declared in Mbabane Swaziland that men will from June 2019 be required to marry many wives (at least two or more wives) or be jailed if they fail to do so.

The king, who has 15 wives and 25 children, While his father and predecessor has more than 70 wives and 150+ children revealed that Swaziland is facing a very serious problem as there are more women than men in his country.

Men from Swaziland are therefore required and expected marry many wives so that every woman gets a husband.

The country which is known to be full of virgins is also said to have more women than men.

In a statement, king Mswati called for all men in the country to marry at least five women and the government assured the men that it would pay for the marriage ceremonies and buy houses for them.

King Mswati warned that any man or woman who opposes the decision “will face a life sentence”.

This supposed declaration made above has been received by men with mixed feelings. With some claiming it is a blessing for them to gain maximum sexual satisfaction, while others claim the King does not wish them well and is planning for their untimely death. But a great deal of interest has been taken by men of other fellow African countries who admire men of Swaziland for having many women at their disposal. Some are even asking if they too could cross over and pick wives for themselves. But unfortunately, that is a question that only the King can answer. It is really a funny kind of happening as seen by some other people ” That the king is threatening men to take many wives for free, is it really a threat or a blessing?”

Women of Kenya had earlier complained of a lack of men to marry them, hence wishing their leader could take such a favorable decision for them. But the president of Kenya only replied by legalizing polygamy.

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