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My Father’s New Wife’s Son Is Sleeping With My Girlfriend

I am in my 20s. I live and work in Abuja and my stepbrother would call from Lagos to inform me about the escapades of my girlfriend, who also lives in Lagos. But I came to Lagos and I discovered that they were actually dating. [Maybe he was telling me all those things so I could leave her for him]!

I came to Lagos and met him and my girlfriend having their bath together.
This is unbearable and I think it’s a taboo as this is a lady I have done a lot of things with in the bedroom. I don’t know what to do about the two of them.

A young man who likes in Abuja, sent this to a marriage counselor. Below is the reply he got:

I don’t think this is a taboo because you were not married to the girl. For a woman to have slept with two brothers, she is not only very greedy but undisciplined. I see deceit in your step-brother because he must have been telling you all those tales in Abuja, so that you could jilt the girl.

The way out for you is to purge your heart of bitterness. Though not easy, don’t tell your parents. Moreover, create an atmosphere to have a heart-to-heart talk with your step-brother. To create enmity in a family because of such a girl is senseless.

An affair like theirs can never last.