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My Wife Has Refused to Come Home After Graduating From The University

I sent my wife to Ukraine to study anesthesiology on the advice of my mentor and wedding sponsor. She left with our last little baby girl leaving me with our three boys who shuttle between staying with my parents at Anthony village and coming home some weekends when i am in town. Its almost 5 yrs now she left us.

She finished d course 2014 (almost going to 3yrs now) but refuses to come back home. She claim that she had an offer to also major in pharmacology as she was offered scholarship by a Kiev based immigrant development program.

I sold my land at Sapele to finance her before she left. Now she telling me that there is lots of poverty in Nigeria that i should start making arrangement to send our three sons over there while i plan on joining them when i am ready. I really think i have shot myself in the leg with my own gun. My worry is that she could afford to abandon her kids.

Since the later part of 2014, I have refused to put the kids on the phone with her believing that she would miss them and think twice but i was mistaken. I am not daft. I know a man is involved behind the scene. I accused her of being harbored by another man and also of cheating too. she flared up accusing me of being insecure and obsessive.

She even threatened to sue me for denying her access to her sons. early last year, during an argument, she told me that i was free to marry another woman if i cant wait after-all some people told her that i dont even sleep at home on weekends. That all she wants is her children that I am free to do as i like.