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Nelson Mandela is not the African hero you think he is

The Man everybody called a Hero only negotiated for his release. While in prison he cherished his freedom more than the course he started. Nelson Mandela is not the African hero you think he is

It’s true that the guy was arrested in 1964 for which comes down to 26 years because the Rivonia Trial was held in 1964 and from that time to 1990 that’s 26 years.However, the reason why they moved them from Robben Island to Pollsmoor prison in Cape Town around 1982 was because they wanted someone to publicise and prepare for the ‘Puppet game” called DEMOCRACY and since they argued that his health was challenged, he was frequently moved from the cell to a House for which they have claimed was a medical House in the Cape Colony which was the Head office of White Supremacy and the entire White regime.

Whilst there, they negotiated terms and from then, he got preferential treatment than his fellow Prisoners. The conditional release of 1986 was a False pretense to reassure “trust” with the Black Masses so that when he is released, he will be the most publicised Candidate for Presidency to Defend white Liberalism and hence his release was to be a Historic event. Cameras, and international journalists were all invited to make sure that his release stand as the most iconic picture in the minds of the entire Public and him being a president will be enviable and he shall contend uncontested, and that worked absolutely as planned.

After his release, the negotiations were compromised because everything was already concluded prior to Mandela’s release. And anyone who interfered with Mandela’s 1982-1990 Project was assassinated. This includes The assassination of Samora Machel (The President of Mozambique Who funded the ANC and had a militant Socialist Approach to governance weakening the Apartheid Government’s capitalist involvement towards the Mining sector. Nelson Mandela had to let go of Samora Machel because he was going to join hands with the ANC as post war socialist Involvement and later in 1999 Nelson Married Graca Machel, The wife of the late Samora Machel) another Victim was Chris Hani (Chris Hani was a leader leader of THE South African communist Party and his approach to post colonial leadership was social militancy and Rapid Industrial Revolution with a practical approach to economic equities and again Nelson had to let go of him because he was going to threaten White Liberalism. A price which he was paid to protect.)

The last victim was Winnie Mandela (Winnie shared the same revolutionary views as Chris Hani and by being the first lady she would have hindered the project but they couldn’t kill her because it was going to be obvious, but rather to force Mandela to Divorce her) they later nullified Winnie to look bad and I may argue that the death of Oliver Tambo in 1993 was equally not natural but biological warfare just to permit Mandela emerge as a poppet hero.

There’s a reason Mandela’s hero “legacy” is so important to white people, he protected them and everything they own. It is because of Mandela that black people are so excluded from the countries wealth.When white media say “Jacob Zuma ruined Mandela’s legacy”, they’re right but he was ruining it for the greater good. Mandela is hero just for the whites.

Please note that this analysis on Mandela’s hero legacy “explaining why Nelson Mandela is not the African hero you think he is” has been submitted by one of our readers and the views expressed in this article have nothing to do with the former President Robert Mugabe.

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