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New Video Release: “God Is On My Side And I Will Keep Believing” By Chris Gold

Watch the latest video release from the amazing popular Gospel singer Chris Gold titled “I Will Keep Believing”.

If you don’t have today, you will get tomorrow and if you fall today, you will rise again. Just keep believing and never give up because God is on your side. No matter what you face, nothing can ever kill your joy because God is not a man to lie. Just keep believing.

Title: “God Is On My Side And I Will Keep Believing:.

Just a tip of the beautiful and mind-blowing lyrics. Go watch and get filled with the love of God.

  • If I no get today tomorrow is another day,
  • And I will keep believing, and I will keep believing.
  • If I fall today I will rise again.
  • God is on my side,
  • I will never give up,
  • I will keep believing.
  • No matter what I face,
  • Nothing can kill my Joy,
  • Because God is not a man that should lie.
  • So I will keep believing.